CSS Layout News - Issue 301

Gaps in flex for Safari, new Chrome DevTools, and I'm feeling quite old.

CSS Layout News


ISSUE 301  4th May 2021




Issue 301

Lots of actual news this week, with gaps in Flexbox landing in Safari, some nice new DevTools coming to Chrome and other interesting things to report.

Which is good, because I don't have much interesting to report otherwise. I have been working on something interesting which I will let you know about once it launches!

Until next week,

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


New WebKit Features in Safari 14.1 | WebKit

Safari 14.1 includes the gap properties for flexbox, along with individual transforms. Take a look at the release notes for all of the details.



What's New In DevTools (Chrome 91) - Chrome Developers

Loads of interesting stuff in Chrome 91 DevTools, but I'm particularly interested in the scroll-snap visualization.



Announcement: $10 for 10k - The A11Y Project

A fundraiser from the A11y Project to celebrate their 10,000 Twitter followers.



Web Design Museum on Twitter: "Happy 18th Birthday CSS Zen Garden!"

The CSS Zen Garden is 18. Links in this newsletter are conspiring to make me feel old.





CSS Tips - Marko Denic - Web Developer

A collection of CSS tips, not sure about the claim that you won't see these in most of the tutorials, but if you like collections of snippets this is a good list of things.



Web Interface Handbook

This seems a really nice handbook about the fundamentals of interface design.





Chapter 8: CSS | CSS-Tricks

This episode of Web History opens with details of the 2006 @media conference. That was a long time ago. Here's a very young me onstage.


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