Clubhouse’s unique value for Muslim women, Interview with leading Russian feminists, Fellowships at International Women’s Forum

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Almost one year ago, I decided to publicly launch The Bloom
๐Ÿ’œ What began as an email to friends and family members craving a positive space online full of meaningful content in human rights, is now growing into a truly global social justice resource with incredible humans from all walks of life.

The newsletter has grown (..quite literally - sorry not sorry for the lengthy mail!!
๐Ÿ˜‚) so much since then, and one of the next steps in its evolution is in the design. In an effort to make the format of this email as inclusive as possible, there will be changes in the coming weeks; do let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas! As with everything Bloom, I'm open to your feedback and suggestions - let's continue working together to make this the best damn resource out there!!! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ 

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Muslim women around the world find solidarity through Clubhouse during Ramadan: For thousands of Muslim women worldwide, congregating in Clubhouse's live audio chat rooms has become a source of spiritual sisterhood and community-building during a second Ramadan marred by the pandemic. Itโ€™s a rare platform through which Muslim women can share their voices. โ†’ Story

International law from a feminist perspective: Considering the many ongoing transnational challenges, the world critically needs a responsive international legal system. There can be no systemic change without legal change; but what would international law look like from a feminist perspective? Hear from leaders in foreign policy and international law. โ†’ Event

How four independent feminist projects in Russia are changing the country: A new wave of feminist activism is spreading across Russia, breaking boundaries both online and off. Four projects in particular are ensuring the feminist movement reaches beyond major cities like Moscow and St.Petersburg, and travels to regions from the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad to Tatarstan and Buryatia in Siberia. โ†’ Interview

North America 
-Remote-Lead digital producer, Ethel's Club
NGO-Remote-Comms intern, World Justice Project
Investing-Remote-Program coordinator, Racial Justice Investing
Media-Remote-Investigative reporting interns, Associated Press
Policy-Remote-Multiple interns, Budget + Policy Center
Health-Remote-Comms associate, Human Impact Partners
NGO-Remote-Multiple entry-level roles, Kundiman
Tech-Multiple-Diversity recruiting manager, Airtable
NGO-Multiple-Business + human rights associate, Human Rights Watch
Tech-SF-Fellows program, OpenAI
Marketing-NY-Social media analyst, Whalar
Biotechnology-NY-Research scientists, Werewool
Publishing-NY-Editorial assistant, Catapult
Philanthropy-NY-Human rights associate, Wellspring 
Philanthropy-DC-Global children's rights associate, Wellspring 
NGO-Remote-Business + operations manager, Threading Change
NGO-Remote-Comms manager, Threading Change
Policy-Remote-Indigenous ed coordinator, Ed Council of Ministers
NGO-Ohsweken-Policy analyst, NPA
Civic Org-Toronto-Justice policy analyst, Chiefs of Ontario
Civic Org-Toronto-Environmental policy analyst, Chiefs of Ontario

Asia + Oceania 
NGO-Remote-Project coordinator, Sentinel Project 
Politics-Melbourne-Gender equality manager, Equality Institute 
NGO-Cox's Bazar-Humanitarian consultancy, Ground Truth Solutions
Tech-Lahore/Karachi-Market coordinator, Taptap Send
NGO-Kadena-Field coordinator, Red Cross
NGO-New Delhi-Multiple opportunities, Protsahan Foundation
NGO-Remote-Research (children's rights) intern, ECPAT

Africa + Middle East
NGO-MENA program officer (remote Tunisia or Lebanon), Hivos
Philanthropy-Consultancy to support young leaders on FGM advocacy,
African Women's Development Network
Philanthropy-Consultancy to write mini-book on public services in Africa,
African Women's Development Network
-Azaz-Youth coordinator, Violet 
NGO-Idlib-Procurement assistant, GOAL
NGO-Kordofan-Project coordinator, Saferworld
NGO-Nairobi-Global program manager (LGBTQ+ movements), Hivos
NGO-Nairobi-Funding manager, Center Reproductive Rights
Philanthropy-Nairobi-Collaboration manager, Co-Impact
NGO-Remote-Partnerships consultant, IPPF
Tech-Content creator + community manager, Dreamwaves
Tech-Business development associate, Taptap Send
Tech-Community manager, Taptap Send
NGO-Two paid fellows (legal/mental health), Fenixaid*
website says deadline passed but ignore that :) 
NGO-Operations associate, The Sunrise Project
NGO-Brussels-Immigration + border management intern, IOM 
Civic Org-Brussels-Jr program assistant, Protect Defenders 
NGO-Remote-Legal fellows, JUSTICE
NGO-London-Data investigations adviser, Global Witness
NGO-London-Partnerships manager, Saferworld
Ed-Oxford-Multiple opportunities, Center Effective Altruism
Tech-Barcelona-Research manager, Eticas
Tech-Barcelona-Head of impact/advocacy, Eticas
NGO-Ioannina-Greek teacher (to refugees), Second Tree
Civic Org-Remote-Research associate, Apolitical Foundation

Latin America
Media-Graphic designer, Internews
NGO-Remote-Comms consultant, Impunity Watch
NGO-Tapacula-Project coordinator, Plan International
NGO-Mexico City-Research assistant, Amnesty 
NGO-Remote-Masculinities consultant, Plan International
NGO-Santa Tecla-Gender consultancy, CLAC
Ed-Remote-Jr data engineer, Estante Mรกgica
Media-Multiple-Humanitarian officer, Internews
NGO-Bogotรก-Multiple roles in operations, Mujeres Poderosas
NGO-Bogotรก-Associate, Center Reproductive Rights

NGO-Digital photo + graphics intern, RFK Human Rights
NGO-Partnerships officer, Plan International
Edtech-Sr full stack developer, Edlyft 
Philanthropy-Coordinator, Translators without Borders
Philanthropy-Intern, Translators without Borders
NGO-Program officer, Women for Women
Development-Comms manager, Ed Partnerships
NGO-Associate, Public International Law & Policy 
Health-Public heath intern, Alanda 
Tech-Fellows (online hate/inclusive digital spaces), Center for Technology and Society
Ed-Multiple roles (community/partnerships/marketing), Outlier
Marketing-Multiple roles (design/writing), venturethree
Philanthropy-Program coordinator (based in Africa or Latin America, Womanity Foundation

๐ŸŒˆto celebrate your talent 

Young Feminist Europe is an organization aiming to raise awareness on period poverty/menstrual hygiene in Europe. If you're working in a European organization fighting period poverty, and keen on connecting with this fantastic group of humans, reach out - they're looking to support you! 

The International Women's Forum fellowship is open! It's a year-long, intensive development experience to accelerate leadership and help women enter positions of power. 

A diverse mentorship program in responsible tech

African women artists and creatives are invited to submit their work for the website of the House of African Feminisms project.

Journalists from across Eastern Europe are invited to pitch collaborative cross-border stories! The new project founded in collaboration with the Prague Media School will support crowdfunding campaigns for independent journalists.

25 young gender advocates will be selected to join an advocacy school for gender and politics. The purpose of the five-day school is to create a platform for exchange, capacity building. 

If youโ€™re a journalism student or journalist passionate about learning how to use data, design and code to help tell stories, this data and design workshop looks awesome.

A 3-week virtual technology leadership program for conflict-affected and refugee youth from the Middle East.

For entrepreneurs from Africa who have founded and scaled for-profit innovation-driven companies on the African continent, check out the MIT fellowship for African entrepreneurs
๐Ÿ’กto learn

We often solely ask for "good" career advice; but what does bad guidance look like? Here's 7 pieces of bad career advice you should ignore. 

An intersectional lens on data rights and social justice. 

๐Ÿ“†to join

15 May A moment to pause and reflect on nature in a storytelling space. "Letters from Nature" is a gathering to allow you to connect with a community of individuals who want to use their creativity to help protect and restore nature.

19 May How can we reduce gender-based violence online and create a better overall social media environment? The question will be explored by Azmina Dhrodia, senior policy manager on gender and data rights at the Web Foundation, and Dhanaraj Thakur, research director at the Center for Democracy & Technology. The two are leading experts in the field, and the event promises to be highly interactive! 

A multilingual playlist with 20 songs in 20 languages to nourish your imagination. 

Everything within us is lit up fiercely. Don't lose heart. Change the world; woman to woman, I want to see you glow

Some are painted with Urdu lettering, featuring words like "Azaadi" (meaning "freedom"); others are more renaissance-like; simple outlines of the female body, but detailed in each curve, fold and arch. Each breastplate and piece of wearable art by 25 year old Pakistani designer Misha Japanwala is divine. 

Her voice never really rises above a whisper, but when it does, it's a gritty, intimidating growl. Watch this bewitching performance from Puerto Rico
Can you identify these Asian languages? Bonus: can these Americans identify these European languages?? 

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