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Is Free-to-use Social Media Coming To An End? 

Change is afoot in the world of social media. And Twitter seems to be leading that change. 

Since the inception of social media in the early 2000s, the default business model has been selling user insights to third-party companies for advert targeting. This gnawing by advertising companies into our private lives is what made social media free for all. 

But this modus operandi is about to change. 

Twitter Blue

Twitter is working on a new $2.99 per month subscription service called Twitter Blue. 

When Twitter acquired Scroll — a software company that provides users with ad-free versions of news websites - it seems the company was so impressed by the ability to make money without ads, that it decided to take a bite into the cake.

But why would Twitter abandon a business model that has proven so successful? 

For starters, the company's revenue growth is declining. From 2017-2018, the company grew its revenue by 25%. The following year, this dropped to 13% before falling to 9% between 2019-2020. And a similar trend can be seen with Facebook and Instagram as well.

Money making through adverts is getting increasing difficult for all social media platforms due to tightening privacy laws and breakdowns on unethical practices. 

  • With iOS 14.5, Apple has released a new privacy framework called App Tracking Transparency which give users more control over how their data is tracked and used.
  • Google has stopped third-party cookie tracking across the internet and is proposing a similar privacy solution that will make tracking user behaviour across different sites an opt-in decision, rather than the default setting. 
  • The European Union has also blocked Facebook from selling data gathered from European users to US companies.

Clearly, this is a huge blow to the advertising-based business model. And as an alternative source of revenue, it’s only natural for subscription based models to prop up.

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Healthcare - The Greatest Business Opportunity For Startups Today 

For decades, health care has been largely exempt from the rampant emergence of technology that has disrupted other industries. Come 2020, and the sector saw an unprecedented boom - more than making up for the glut of the past decade. Today, the new health market may be the single greatest business opportunity of our time. 

All thanks to digitisation. 

Startups have already started realising the potential of digital revolution in healthcare. They have created a demand for 24/7-health information through use of personalised apps and social networks that encourage “life logging” for consumers to track their health status in real time. 

Some of the latest digital innovations include:

  • The digital pill, which has a small edible sensor, embedded in the medication that tracks compliance by pinging the clinical provider when the patient has consumed it.
  • Smart contact lenses with built-in biosensors that can detect blood sugar levels from tears, to help diabetics and their doctors proactively adjust medications and improve outcomes.
  • new flexible digital sensor the size of a stamp that sticks to the body and continually monitors blood pressure without invasive equipment.

If ingesting a mechanical pill or wearing sensors on your corneas sounds scary, know that a significant majority of the world is already keen on accepting these innovations. People are more than happy to eat, wear or breathe any technology that allows remote tracking and big data analysis of their health. 

Here’s some stats to prove it:  

According to a survey conducted by Accenture on digital health, 

  • Almost 35% of all healthcare consumers are using mobile or tablet applications to track their health.
  • 73% said digital technology helps them engage in their own healthcare in partnership with their clinical provider.
  • 57% said they were open to remote monitoring of ongoing health issues through at-home devices. 

With healthcare costs rising exponentially, with skilled labor shortages, and the aging baby boomer population putting increasing strain on our system of care, technology holds the promise to fix what’s breaking in our healthcare paradigm.

5 Health-Tech Startups To Watch in 2021
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A Startup Guy's Cold Email To Mark Cuban 

This young and scrappy entrepreneur sent an email to Mark Cuban and ended up getting a $1 million investment.
This is not a joke!

One drowsy evening, Greg Maselli, founder of SAVRpak - a startup that helps you keep takeout, packaged foods and produce fresh for a longer time - decided to take a long shot and email a “Shark Tank” like pitch to Mark Cuban (whom he had never spoken to before). A couple of hours later, he got a response that would make all of us strugglers question our luck. 

Not only did Greg get his dream investment, he also went on to document his process and learnings in a blog article for you to read and admire or get jealous or both.

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  • Airbnb renter in Florida finds a "haunted" abandoned shopping mall underneath her room. 
  • Over half a million new businesses opened in the U.S. between Apr 2020 and Mar 2021 - a 28% fall from a similar period in the previous year.
  • Google's Project Starline will let you talk to people far away using 3D modelling/hologram tech - as if they're sitting right in front of you.  
  • Florida's new bill to fine social media companies $25,000 for banning politicians from the platforms. 
  • Massive illegal password sharing service AccountBot - that sold over 270,000 passwords as low as $1.79 - busted by Oregon jury
  • Brazil - world’s biggest exporter of coffee and orange juice - runs out of water, production at risk
  • Microsoft is preparing to say goodbye to its flagship browser - Internet Explorer - on 15 June, 2022. 

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Kepler: A content platform that provides custom designs and tools to effortlessly build the perfect WordPress website. 

Transformity: A freelance management system that allows businesses to hire and pay employees, manage remote teams, and handle workflows. 

Global Shares: An equity management software that helps startups and public companies manage employee stock plans. 

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