Pack your bags for this summer [Trending Keywords]

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So much has gone on in these past two weeks, and we can’t wait to tell you about what happened on Prime Day. EcomCrew is back to present you with the Top 10 Trendiest Amazon Keywords, with data taken from June 13-19 to June 20-26. Let’s jump right into it!

Prime Day 2021 is officially over but some Prime Day deals were still going strong after the day ended. Vacuum cleaner and roomba mop had discounts up to 43 percent off. You know you're officially a real-life grown-up when the best Prime Day vacuum deals are the highlight of your week. Products related to these keywords have gone from selling 610 units to 1,076 units for the vacuum, and from 21 units to 2,177 units for the roomba in the past few days.

Speaking of sales and discounts, Amazon has a ton of different promotional tools for sellers. Find out when you should use promotions and how you can apply a discount on your products in our article here: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Promotions and Coupon Codes.

With the summer season knocking on our door, so are summer trends. This year’s summer trends have been influenced by celebrities, but that comes as no surprise since celebrities have always influenced fashion and beauty trends. From sneakers to sandals, Katy Perry’s shoe line was discounted up to 30 percent during Prime Day. “Katy Perry sandals” is taking our spot #6 in today’s top mover and this product has sold 516 units per day.

As an ecommerce seller, there are a plethora of tools out there that you can leverage to engage your audience, expand your customer base, and make your brand more profitable. Have you ever asked yourself how to use influencers to grow your ecommerce business? Learn more about it in this podcast episode: Using Chatbots and Influencers to Grow Your Ecommerce Brand.

As we get back on the road, it’s time to dust off our old suitcases. Taking the #1 spot in today's top 10 movers is “luggage with wheels”. The travel industry is roaring up again after a year of being stuck at home and Amazon buyers were purchasing suitcases the most during Prime Day. Products related to this keyword have enjoyed a number of sales after sales have grown to 980 units, from 294 units in just a few days.

We still don't know why the keyword “misses kisses bra” is among the most searched in the last week. It’s definitely an odd keyword but if you’ve got an idea, reply to this email! We’ll wait for your answer!


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