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[EcomCrew Premium] Last chance to sign up for Premium

Registration closes in Hey Reader, Just dropping by to remind you that tonight is your last chance to join EcomCrew Premium for the quarter. We want to make sure all our members get way more than their
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[PREMIUM] April EcomCrew Brand Report - $742,927 in Sales

Registration closes in Hey Reader, We made $742927 in revenue last month, a huge improvement since the start of 2022. Our wins this past month include a redesign of, one of the authority
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[Crew Review] Is Amazon’s delivery network oversaturated?

Go Premium It's EcomCrew Premium week! We're adding more lessons to our exclusive courses focusing on building authority blogs. Join Premium. Amazon doubled down on logistics during the
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[Webinar in an Hour] Conquering your niche through external traffic

Hi Reader! In case you missed it, we've developed a strategy for conquering your niche without worrying about Amazon rankings or throwing thousands on paid ads. Our free public webinar on Sending
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[Report] Top Amazon 3P Sellers of April

We've rounded up last month's top 150 Amazon sellers. Seller No. 5 has 34 top-ranked products, while No. 8 is a bookshop. Do you have any guesses which sellers made it to the list? Check out
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[PREMIUM] How to Build an Authority Blog From Scratch

Registration closes in Hey Reader, Last month, we had $742927 in sales. While most of these sales were from Amazon, organic SEO from Google was a major contributing factor to our success. Why does
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[External Traffic Webinar] Thinking Outside the Amazon Box

Hi Reader! So you've ironed out your entire Amazon strategy, and yet sales aren't coming in that hot. The simple reality is that Amazon is a pay-to-play marketplace. It's impossible to rank
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Get $500 off EcomCrew Premium

Hey Reader, We're opening EcomCrew Premium to new members next week! One of the most exciting things happening with Premium is the addition of a brand-new module to the External Traffic to Amazon
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[Webinar] No Amazon ranking? No problem.

Hi Reader! Many sellers think it's impossible to get sales without ranking on Amazon—or to rank on Amazon without getting sales. So they end up spending waaay too much on paid Amazon ads. We'll
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[Crew Review] These are the Top 150 third-party sellers on Amazon

Numbers and figures Third-party sellers have become the backbone of Amazon's ecommerce marketplace business, but where a lot of them come from might surprise you. We tracked down the top 150 third-
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How much does a site revamp cost? | Get $500 off EcomCrew Premium

We're opening EcomCrew Premium in a week. Sign up for the waitlist to get early access and $500 off the membership fee. Join the Crew. Hey Reader, Our latest Brand Report is up, which means you can
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[Webinar] How to sell your product even if you’re not ranking on Amazon yet

Hi Reader! Here's a riddle for you: How do you rank on Amazon without getting sales, and how do you get sales without ranking on Amazon? The answer: External traffic. This coming May 18 at 10 AM (
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[Crew Review] Did this aggregator grow too fast?

Ups and Downs Thrasio is the biggest ecommerce aggregator to date. But it's set to layoff a significant number of its employees and has recently replaced its CEO, the only remaining founder. How
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[Roundup] Hire a broker for your next brand exit

Hey Reader, You built a brand, grew it, and now you're ready to sell. It shouldn't be that difficult with a reliable broker on your side. Here are some great options to check out. From the Blog
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[Amazon Q1 2022 Earnings] Amazon’s growth rate hits 20-year low

Hey Reader, Amazon just released its Q1 2022 earnings report, revealing where the ecommerce giant stands as demand cools from the blistering pace throughout the pandemic. Here are some of the juiciest
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[Crew Review] Amazon launches new “Shopify killer” feature

Expansion Amazon just announced Buy with Prime, a new feature that extends Prime benefits to shoppers beyond Some are calling it the “Shopify killer,” while others predict it to go the way
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[Roundup] Here’s all you need to know about customs examinations

Hey Reader, Being picked for a customs examination is a nerve-wracking process for any entrepreneur. One hitch could determine whether or not your container makes it to its destination on time. By
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[Flash Sale] FBA for Beginners Course at 80% off

Hey Reader, Whether you're completely new to ecommerce or have a background in selling on other online platforms, there's so much to be learned in Amazon FBA. To help you hit the ground running
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[Amazon Updates] Extra Large, Small and Light

Developments Amazon hit us with two big announcements this week, adding the Extra Large storage type and bumping the Small & Light price threshold up to $10. Is this good news for sellers? Amazon
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[Roundup] Are your sales down? Recover with these strategies

Hey Reader, Your sales will decline at some point. In these situations, it's always best to be proactive and take action as soon as you see red flags. Check out this product recovery & relaunch