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Hey Reader,

Today, I want to show you how to stop making the #1 most common job search mistake.

If you're going to find a job you love, one that pays you what you're worth, you can't use the same old, ho hum, dead-end tactics that all the Average Applicants make. You have to find a job like a top performer. 

Put yourself in the shoes of an Average Applicant. Let’s imagine they work in marketing. They like it. The work itself is fine, but it’s not challenging. They feel stuck. And worse, their boss doesn’t take them seriously. So now they want a change. OK, fine. 

Can you guess the first place the Average Applicant would typically go if they wanted to find job openings?

6-29 DJ Funnel 2.gif

Yup, you guessed it. A job search site like Monster or Indeed.

And what do they do then? 

They think, “Well, let’s just see what’s out there” — with no real plan. THIS IS MISTAKE #1: Going to a job board with no plan.

6-29 DJ Funnel 3.png

So the Average Applicant is on this job board and proceeds to use the search function to type in their...wait, what are they doing?

6-29 DJ Funnel 4.gif

Are they typing in the exact SAME job position that they want to change from? Wth? 

Do they want the same job? No!

Our Marketing Manager who dislikes their job -- finally decides to make a change, goes to a website, and types in…"Marketing Manager"... the very job they dislike!

Most people have a serious case of tunnel vision when looking for a job.

  • What if I told them that there are 10X more job titles that are relevant to them? 
  • What if they realized they didn't have to work at a job they hate?
  • What if they knew they needed to branch out to find their dream job?

But instead, they stick with the familiar...and take whatever they can get. 

Here's the paradox behind online job boards.

The Average Applicant now has endless options via Indeed or Monster. One of these should be gold...right? It’s possible, but what does the Average Applicant typically do? They scroll through these 8 million options without any way to determine what’s a good or bad fit. 

Here’s what I see: 

From the very beginning of the process, Average Applicants
already delegated their job search to a computer algorithm. 

This algorithm will determine where they will spend 8 hours, 5 times per week, for the next 2, 5, 10, or even 20 years. 

(Let that sink in for a moment.)

And if there happened to be a Dream Job hidden somewhere on an online job board, how would you know? Average Applicants don't have clearly defined values or traits that they’re looking for in a company or employer. They’re just accepting whatever happens to be in front of them and shotgunning out as many resumes as they can motivate themselves to send.

Here's how this works. I call it the Spiral of Doom.

6-29 DJ Funnel 5.jpg

We're not done yet.

Do you know the worst part of all? 

The Average Applicant doesn’t even give themselves a real chance to find their Dream Job. They may be a great candidate on paper, but they never learned the SKILL of finding a Dream Job. They just did what everyone else did — and they got the exact same results: zero.

The truth: Finding a job is hard. Finding a great job is really hard. 

  • IT IS frustrating to scroll through online job boards...staring at hundreds of job listings that don't excite you.
  • IT IS frustrating to send your resume out over and over...then not even hear back.
  • IT IS frustrating to pump yourself up for an interview at a company you're not that excited about...and not even get a second interview.

Personally, I think the most frustrating part is that nobody really teaches us a different way. After all, a lot of Average Applicants are smart. They're capable. They're willing to put in the work. 

Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to follow generic advice that appeals to average people. It gets us average results — and if you look around, do you want to be average?

NO! I don't want to be average! If you're reading this, I bet you don't either.

We'd rather be such an irresistible candidate that we have companies engaged in BIDDING wars for a chance to hire us. That hiring managers are EAGER to pay us what we’re worth.

This is happening to people who are just as smart, with similar experience, skills, and background — they're just avoiding these common mistakes and following a better system. I call these people Top Talent.

We have a saying at I Will Teach You To Be Rich: “We want to work with the best.” And I can tell you from having helped so many students and talking to so many other hiring managers: it’s not just us. 

The best companies are looking for Top Talent all the time! But here’s the thing: we don’t only look on job boards. We’re always quietly scouring the “shadow market” and staying in touch with passive candidates, so when they’re ready to make a move, they know we’re hiring. 

The truth is, the best jobs are found by connecting with people individually and naturally. It’s about real relationships and people. Not this robotic stuff through job boards. A lot of people try to create an EFFICIENT job search — but guess what? I don’t want efficiency. I want the right job — my Dream Job. The one that fits me like a glove.

This is TOTALLY different from what people think about the job search process. A TOTALLY different game played by Top Talent versus the Average Applicant.

To show you how to find your Dream Job, I'm hosting a free workshop on Monday, July 12. 

Not just any job. Your Dream Job. One that pays you more, lets you work when you want, where you want, and makes you excited to go to work again.

  • Even if...you don’t know what your Dream Job is yet (or if it even exists)
  • Even if...you don’t want to spend 60 hours/week at work
  • Even if...you don’t have the “right” experience on paper
  • And especially if...you don’t feel respected at work...your boss doesn’t listen when you talk...you feel worried about the future, and worst of all, you feel STUCK and HELPLESS to do something about it

If you want to feel fulfilled, secure, inspired, and most of all, valued at work, you should attend.

How to find your dream job

I'll walk through the exact system Top Talent uses to find and land the best jobs...often before they're even made public.

You can email me questions at ramit.sethi@iwillteachyoutoberich.com (subject: Workshop Question). I'll answer the best ones live.

This is a one-time-only event and there won't be a recording.


P.S. Here are the details again for the upcoming live workshop:

EVENT: "How to find your Dream Job" workshop

DATE: Monday, July 12. One night only.

TIME: 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific (see your time zone)

COST: Free, but do need to register

Click here to receive your free invite to the workshop.

See you then!

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