How the dream entry-level job in Hollywood became a never-ending, low-pay nightmare

Every industry has its "pay your dues" entry-level jobs, though none are as iconic as Hollywood's, from the mailroom to the writers assistant, which was once a sure path to the dream gig of writing for television. But with the changes wrought by streaming services—notably, shorter and fewer seasons—the writers assistant position has become a perpetual internship, beset by low pay and precarity, and without that once-promised elevation into a writing job. These workers are now fighting back, negotiating to secure better working conditions, health care, and a living wage. Nicole LaPorte tells the story of the Hollywood fairy tale they had hoped for, the reality it's become, and their hope for a more equitable tomorrow.

—David Lidsky
How the dream entry-level job in Hollywood became a never-ending, low-pay nightmare

Hollywood writers’ assistants and script coordinators have banded together in the social media movement #IALivingWage to demand better pay. Read more.

The future of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, according to 30+ experts

We asked venture capitalists, security experts, futurists, startup founders, and others for their thoughts on the likely trajectory of cryptocurrencies in the post-pandemic world. Read more.
How this grassroots organization got 385 Black-owned brands on the shelves at companies like Macy's, Gap, and Sephora

Aurora James pivoted the Fifteen Percent Pledge from an Instagram campaign into a full-fledged nonprofit that wants to end the racial wealth gap. Read more.

Ex-Google HR chief: Why returning to the office could be a ‘recipe for disaster’

Returning to a hybrid office could be even more damaging than the move to fully remote work, writes the former HR chief at Google. Here’s how to get it right.

Biden’s FTC may force tech companies to let you repair your devices

Gadget manufacturers such as Apple have said that allowing consumers to repair their own tech could lead to safety issues and environmental damage. Read more.
Disturbing letter details culture of harassment and abuse in the ad industry

Hundreds of women have shared horror stories, after brand strategist Zoe Scaman penned a letter exposing the sexual harassment and mistreatment she has endured in her two decades in the ad industry. Read more.
Science confirms it: Open offices are a nightmare

Your open-plan workplace is making you sweat. Literally. Read more.

Trees inoculated with probiotics could clean up America’s contaminated land

Trees that are used to clean contaminated soil often die from the toxins. Microbes could keep those trees healthy—offering a low-cost, low-energy way to clean hazardous sites across the U.S. Read more.

Purple’s luxury pillow line has changed the way I sleep

My head has stayed cool through the recent miserable heat waves and I never need to fluff or flip my Harmony during the night. Read more.

The Pentagon’s JEDI mind trick: What you need to know​​​​​​
The Pentagon has snatched a $10 billion carrot away from Amazon and Microsoft, which were competing for a lucrative cloud-computing contract with the U.S. Department of Defense.
The project, called JEDI, was hatched years ago to modernize the Pentagon’s patchwork of computer systems.
It was awarded to Microsoft, but then Amazon sued, claiming that it lost out on the deal because of then-President Trump’s personal dislike for then-Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. 
Now, the DoD says it’s scrapping the deal entirely “due to evolving requirements.” It will launch a new multi-vendor project in its place and it will solicit proposals from major firms to battle it out again.
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