Why Netflix movies look so weird

Good morning! No emerging market matters more to U.S. tech giants than India, where hundreds of millions of consumers are still flooding onto the internet for the first time. And the most effective way to reach them may be to partner with Reliance Jio, the upstart telecommunications company that has quickly become India’s biggest wireless carrier. Its upcoming low-cost smartphone, the JioPhone Next, packs Google software and services optimized for the Indian market—and could be as big a deal for Google as it is for Jio itself. Read the full story here.

—Harry McCracken
Why India’s ultracheap new smartphone is critical to Google’s future

Like other U.S. tech giants, Google is betting on a partnership with Indian telecom phenom Reliance Jio to unlock its single most important emerging market. Read more.

Why Netflix movies look so weird

Most made-for-Netflix productions don’t look like the cinema we’re used to. There’s a technical reason why. Read more.

career evolution
It’s okay not to have career goals. Here’s what to do if you don’t

Justin Pot of Zapier says, “I still want to get better at what I do, and I still want to learn new skills, but I’m doing those things for their own sake, not because of any sort of career plan.” Read more.

Birth control via wearables gets a major stamp of approval from the FDA

A proof-of-concept study shows the use of wearables with the hormone-free birth control app Natural Cycles can better predict ovulation. Read more.

5 ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Season 2 moments destined to be internet memes

The first season spawned two years’ worth of memes and catchphrases. These meme-worthy moments from Season 2 on Netflix may be on the way. Read more.

How Fortnite, Minecraft, and other games can teach you how to problem solve

Games can help players develop civic skills by encouraging them to discuss political issues, take on other people’s perspectives, and communicate effectively to work through challenges as a group. Read more.

workplace evolution
Employees say these 4 things can ease the transition back to the office

Some employees are resisting going back to the office. But these team members are ready, and think these strategies will help make for a smooth transition. Read more.

The best cool clothes for hot summer workouts

From innovations in fabric tech to breezy, featherweight design, these are the clothes I would wear to work out when it’s hot, hot, hot. If I have to. Read more.

career evolution
What to do when your work wife or work husband gets a new job

Finding out that your favorite person at work is leaving is a real bummer. Here’s how to cope. Read more.

The ad industry just got a wake-up call for its mistreatment of women
Looks like not much has changed since the Mad Men era, as hundreds of women recently shared their horror stories about working in advertising, and Heinz ketchup uses hot dog controversy to create its latest ad campaign. This is Fast Company’s brand hit & miss of the week.
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