Kotlin Weekly #258


ISSUE #258

11th of July 2021


Kotlin Features Survey Webinar
JetBrains is launching the Kotlin Features Survey, along with a webinar hosted by Roman Elizarov and Svetlana Isakova. Check it out to give your opinion about the next steps that Kotlin should follow.

Kotlin API for Apache Spark 1.0 Released
The Kotlin API for Apache Spark is now widely available. This is the first stable release of the API that we consider to be feature-complete with respect to the user experience and compatibility with core Spark APIs.


IceRock KMP codelab
The folks at IceRock have created a codelab of around 90 minutes to get started with KMP.

Marrying KMM and Swift with Sourcery
Have you used the Swift meta-programming library Sourcery? Here you can learn how it will help you to integrate Swift with KMP.

How I use the new Inline Value Classes in Kotlin
Learn to apply the concept of Value Objects from Domain-Driven Design in Kotlin by using value classes.

Respect the contract of compareTo
The compareTo method is not in the Any class. It is an operator in Kotlin that translates into the mathematical comparison signs. Check out this article from the book Effective Kotlin.

Kotlin flow: Nesting vs Chaining
This article by Vasya Drobushkov explores what Nesting is, what is the difference with chaining, and why it matters.


Machine learning for voice made easy with Kotlin
Why don’t more Kotlin apps use voice? Machine learning for voice is hard, and existing solutions are clunky and rigid. So we open-sourced an Android library (also Node, Python, iOS, & React Native), and built a no-code web tool to make custom wake words, speech recognizers, and AI voices—for all devs!


Navigation in multi-module Android Compose UI project + Hilt
Article and a sample project on a multi-module Compose project with an accent on navigation and Hilt.

Compose: UI Screenshot Testing
Mark Allison analyses in his new article how we can test an animation with Compose using UI screenshots.


Senior Android Engineer (d/f/m) at Mobimeo
Mobimeo is changing the way cities move. We are a technology company working on simplifying everyday mobility in urban centers. Our Android team develops digital mobility applications using Kotlin involving mapping, routing and live navigation topics.


Anvil with Ralf Wondratschek
Next episode of The Developers' Bakery with Ralf Wondratschek speaking about Anvil, a plugin to make your dependency injection with Dagger 2 easier.


Roboto brings the Android Community together (at home!) in September!
September 27-28, join speakers and attendees from around the world to talk, network, and learn. Two days packed with talks, birds of a feather get togethers, and much more! Watch Party tickets available for teams and groups that want to watch together.


Simple and powerful DI for kotlin multiplatform.

DaggerTrack is a gradle plugin that automatically adds clock tracking for your components and subcomponents.


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