What U.S. cities can learn from Abu Dhabi about surviving record heat

It’s not unusual for Abu Dhabi to hit a sweltering 108 degrees in the summer—the same temperature that recently broke all-time records in Seattle. As climate change makes extreme heat more common, what can American or European cities learn from the Middle East? I talked to an urban designer about strategies that Abu Dhabi is using to make neighborhoods more comfortable in heat waves, such as optimizing shade and aligning pathways with local winds. The region may be a decade ahead of the U.S., he says, in figuring out how to cope with extreme heat.
Adele Peters
world changing ideas
What U.S. cities can learn from Abu Dhabi about surviving record heat

As U.S. cities continue to heat up, they’re looking to design solutions from places that already have to manage extreme temperatures. Read more.

Six well-designed fans that will cool your home and keep it stylish

These breezy fans will keep your room’s feng shui intact. Read more.

This whiter-than-white paint cools buildings down dramatically. Why isn’t it everywhere?

The paint, made of barium sulfate, has a dark side. Read more.

These maps show you where to move once climate change makes parts of the U.S. unlivable

Increasing extreme heat, flooding, and fires will all contribute to reshaping where people can live. Read more.

10 products that will help you sleep cooler at night

Tired of waking up in a sweat? Here are 10 ways to stay cool at night. Read more.

How an ancient design technique could help us survive extreme heat, no AC needed

Can passive design keep our houses cool? Read more.

world changing ideas
Miami is the first city in the world with a chief heat officer

It’s about climate change, not basketball. Read more.

tips for extreme heat
6 simple hacks that will cool you down without air-conditioning during the coming heat wave

As climate change causes extreme heat in unexpected places, people without AC may not think they have the ability to lower the temperature inside. But there are ways to cool down, even if you’re not able to buy a new appliance. Read more.

Why do Americans like it to be 72 degrees inside?

Shifting cultural assumptions about the ‘right’ indoor temperature could save us incredible amounts of energy—and let us fundamentally rethink how we design offices. Read more.

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