These 20 U.S. counties are the most vulnerable to the Delta variant right now

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Good morning! Home to some of the world’s the most iconic ancient ruins, Athens is a haven for tourism, and relies heavily on the industry. But: what happens when it’s too hot for travelers to visit, and help support the Greek economy? Today, the mayor of Athens—the hottest city in mainland Europe—will announce the appointment of a “chief heat officer.” It’s the first role of its kind in Europe, and the second in the world following Miami, to focus solely on tackling extreme heat, an increasingly fatal threat. Read more about the measures Athens intends to take—and why that’s harder than it sounds in such an old city.
—Talib Visram
Athens will be the first European city to appoint a chief heat officer

The Greek capital—the hottest city in mainland Europe—follows Miami in creating a new role to specifically focus on adapting to higher temperatures.

This new study debunks one of the biggest criticisms of electric vehicles

Even if you include the emissions from the battery and charging it with dirty energy, an EV has a smaller footprint than a gas-powered car.

Delta variant danger zones: The 20 most vulnerable counties in the U.S. right now

Counties in Georgia, Texas, Florida, and Missouri are especially vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19, according to a new report.

a message from fujifilm
We will NEVER STOP innovating solutions for a healthier world
Leveraging our expertise in photographic film and digital imaging, we’re applying AI technology to revolutionize diagnostics. Read more.
This mask for cows isn’t for COVID—it helps reduce methane emissions

As the world eats more and more beef, cow’s global warming-causing burps become more of a problem. This bovine wearable could help.

How high school students are using cutting-edge tech to preserve ancient Armenian history

The students did a 3D scan of a 5th century monastery right before a war broke out.

work life
Why all companies should offer leave for pregnancy loss

Leave after a loss is just as important for employees as traditional parental leave, says The Pill Club CEO Liz Meyerdirk.

2020 olympics
Peacock bets the most fraught Olympics in history can drive streaming subscribers

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics have long been seen as Peacock’s tentpole event. Will protests, empty seats, and COVID-19 cases spoil or support signups and viewing?

Texting this one word connects the hungry to food with dignity
In the United States, food insecurity isn’t caused by a lack of food, but by a lack of access to the food available. It affected one in four households in 2019, and the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated the situation. Meanwhile, 96% of Americans have a cellphone. Bento is a text-message-based platform that connects people in need to prepaid meals at local restaurants and grocery stores.
Clickbait on the Nasdaq: What you need to know
Outbrain, the content discovery platform known for its clickbait ads that appear at the bottom of online articles, makes its debut today as a publicly traded company. 
The firm was founded in 2006 and has grown rapidly ever since. Outbrain is based in New York City and employs over 800 people. Its stock listing comes three weeks after Taboola, its main competitor, went public on the Nasdaq. 
Shares are priced at $20 each, with the company hoping to raise $160 million in the offering. 
Outbrain will trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol OB.
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