How Twitter helped me with the 1st ever BUILD IN PUBLIC NFT 💎

How Twitter helped me with the 1st ever BUILD IN PUBLIC NFT 💎
By KP • Issue #18 • View online
Happy Friday everyone,
Below is the story of:
  • how I found an artist to collaborate and mint my 1st ever NFT project on the theme of “build in public”
  • how it all came together on Twitter DMs
  • how we plan to auction/sell it to a thoughtful buyer
  • how we intend to donate all the proceeds to the Afghan Aid
  • how you can help
It’s my birthday today but instead of planning to do typical things like buying clothes or getting a hair cut, I decided to plunge into the world of NFTs on this occasion.
Since I’m not a digital artist, I collaborated with one. Guess where I found this incredible collaborator?
That’s right. On Twitter.
A few days ago, I had an idea to create a piece of artwork on the theme of “building in public” and naturally went to Twitter for help. (see below)
It’s incredible how powerful Twitter can be once when you share your ideas/asks in public.

Is there an NFT artist/graphic designer in my audience who wants to partner with me for a project on @withFND?

Ideally someone with a portfolio

Shoot me a DM pls

I want to run a few experiments

Twitter, do your magic 🪄
Once I posted the above tweet, I got a ton of DMs and one of them happened to be from someone in the no-code community – who works at Webflow. S/o to Collen who apparently shared my tweet with Waldo and brought us together.
I was instantly impressed by Waldo’s portfolio and in the following days, we’ve interacted and collaborated on the artwork together.
Here’s the kicker: From the start to finish of this project, we haven’t had one phone call or Zoom chat, everything was asynch. It was done via Twitter DMs and a little bit of iMessages. #RemoteWork
It was such a joy working with him - he’s a thoughtful artist and has lots of whimsical ideas filled with meaning.
Here’s our final output:
Description: “Some build in stealth, some build in silos … but then there are those who build in public.”
Story: This is an artistic piece on the theme of building in public inspired by Jellyfish, the magnificent sea creatures that glow in the dark. The opaque rooms represent building in stealth; the translucent rooms are somewhat open but still within silos, whereas the open layout represents building in public. This is a tribute to all the creators and founders who like to build in the open and co-create with their audience.
Build In Public NFT
Build In Public NFT
Where is it listed?
On a marketplace called Foundation. Link here.
Where do the sale proceeds go?
100% of the amount from this sale will be contributed to help the Afghan crisis via
How can you help?
You can help us in this cause by directly purchasing the art work or promoting it on Twitter. Here’s the link:
What will you get?
Bragging rights and access to the only limited edition NFT on the theme of “build in public” (it’s the first one of its kind!)
Support Waldo’s work and mine.
Plus more importantly, the opportunity to help the crisis situation in Afghanistan in a small way.
Thank you so much!
Have a great weekend,
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