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Album Daily Week #94 [August 30 - September 3]

Good Morning Music Lovers!

Did you know that you can go back and look at our archive of every album we've ever released here at Album Daily? That's right, as we approach issue #100, now might be a good time to dig deep into the archives and find some older albums that you loved for a week or two but have since fallen by the wayside. Check it out via the link below and let us know which ones you've re-discovered that you're loving! 

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- Andrew, Lowell, and Matt



Album Cover 2
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: August 10th, 2018
Top Tracks: Work For You, Ramen, Home
Similar Artists: Jai Wolf, What So Not, San Holo

Irene spews positivity, is experimental at its core, and marks the debut of the extremely creative DJ Grant Nelson, aka Medasin, back in 2018. The top 3 on this album (Work For You, Ramen, and Home) are all playlist-worthy works of art. Go frolicking in a field of daisies or plant yourself on your couch and stare at a wall to properly enjoy this one. You could call this a ‘sauna’ album where you go in one side all stressed and exhausted then come out the other side a changed, refreshed human. 

Who is this Irene? Turns out Irene is a real person and Irene is the reason we even have Medasin’s music today. According to EDM.com, Irene was Nelson’s outpatient program counselor at Access Counseling Group where he would seek help as he was struggling with mental health and drug issues in his mid-teens. Medasin is quoted in the article saying, “Irene might as well be considered a collaborator on this, because if I had not simply crossed paths with her, my progress wouldn’t have been set into motion.” You never know where the inspiration for your next project might come! Thank you Irene & Medasin.

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are we?


Cover 2
Genre:  Indie-Alternative
Release Date: May 21st, 2021
Top Tracks: Cherry Blossom, superpowerful, heartbeat
Similar Artists:  Glass Animals, NoMBe, Coast Modern

Alright fine, you caught us. We’re featuring another EP and not an album. WHATEVER, you’ll be happy we did. “are we?” is a the latest masterpiece from California-based indie-pop duo, slenderbodies. This project is dreamy af and primarily features the duo’s falsetto voices leading listeners into a hazy atmosphere of synthy goodness. Like many works over the past year, this EP was created in the midst of COVID lockdown, but instead of being quarantined together, Max and Benji were in separate cities. This forced the duo to adopt an atypical working style where they ended up sending each other voice memos and zoom recordings of song in progress, with one picking up where the other left off. Despite their disjointed arrangement, the project comes across as seamless with each tune naturally transitioning into the next. So kick back, chill, and drift away into the dream-pop world of slenderbodies! 

Bonus Content: Check out this article from Wonderland Magazine that breaks down the method to slenderbodies’s madness and unique sound development. 

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Lamp City

Cam Meekins

Cover 3
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: May 21st, 2013
Top Tracks: High, Better Days, Inhale
Similar Artists: Mac Miller, Skizzy Mars, Kid Quill


Let’s take a trip back to the early 2010’s to an era where underground rappers were releasing mixtapes that were breaking into top chart positions. Meekins grew up in Boston during the frat rap heyday with artists like Sammy Adams and Asher Roth rising to peak popularity. Unlike his New England contemporaries, Meekins delivers a much less sensational project, one that feels much more raw in a good way. Heck, you could tell me the album was exclusively produced via Garage Band and I wouldn’t bat an eye. No crazy auto-tune or excessive production here, just some solid underlying beats and Meekins over the top effortlessly delivering bar after bar, seemingly without breaking a sweat. Mainly downtempo, Lamp City is relaxing wok that is an easy listen for all. Bonus Content: Check out this article from the Boston Globe breaking down Meekins’ style and sources of inspiration.

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It Won't Always Be Like This


Cover 4
Genre: Rock
Release Date: July 9th, 2021
Top Tracks: It Won't Always Be Like This, Cheer Up Baby, My Honest Face
Similar Artists: The Vaccines, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Declan McKenna

Elijah Hewson, the lead singer of Inhaler, is Bono’s son! Yes. Bono! That really doesn’t have much to do with this album, but that’s entertaining to know and makes it worth a listen just for the ability to spit that fun fact to your car full of people who never asked for a fun fact about Inhaler. It Won’t Always Be Like This is rock straight out of Dublin Ireland. It’s an album created for the band to just absolutely jam out at a concert. It’s an album that Inhaler fans are loving and sets this band up with a solid debut foundation to build off of for years to come. Listen to this new album if you like upbeat rock with a slow-moving changeup thrown in here and there.

According to Rolling Stone, these guys have been together a long time. They started as a teenage talent show band and now have their debut album with tens of millions of streams. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my juggling career to take off. Stay tuned.

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Cover 5
Genre: Indie-Alternative
Release Date: July 24th, 2020
Top Tracks: whywhywhy, 3 small words, SUPERBLOOM
Similar Artists: Panic! At the Disco, Smallpools, Bleachers

Misterwives only make hits and those hits you can't help but sing along and sway your hips to. These are the rules. I don't make the rules, I'm just here to share the rules. SUPERBLOOM is no exception to the aforementioned rules. The music is fun, playful and doesn't take itself too seriously but still manages to get across some serious emotion on many of their songs. The Album SUPERBLOOM was released last summer on Fueled by Ramen record label which we're happy to announce is the official winner of the 2021 Album Daily Best Record Label Name Annual Award. Congratulations! Fueled by Ramen's first act they signed was Jimmy Eat World and they've since signed such acts as Paramore, Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At the Disco. 

'MisterWives'  is a gender-flipped play on the term for the practice of polygamy, sister wives. The band first formed when lead singer Mandy Lee wanted an 80s cover band at her birthday party and when she couldn't find one, she took it upon herself.

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