Unusual Progressive-Centrist Alliance Wins Universal Child Care Subsidy

The “major flex” by progressives and moderate Democrats eliminates means-testing for a child care credit in the party’s reconciliation package.


Ten Months After Senate Election Loss, Sara Gideon Still Has $10 Million in Unused Campaign Funds

Nathan Bernard

The Maine Democrat used her 2020 U.S. Senate campaign to enrich the political establishment, and now she’s reaping the benefits.



Unusual Progressive-Centrist Alliance Wins Universal Child Care Subsidy

Ryan Grim, Sara Sirota

The “major flex” by progressives and moderate Democrats eliminates means-testing for a child care credit in the party’s reconciliation package.



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Whip Count: The Democrats Who Support the Progressive Reconciliation Strategy

Julia Rock

A running tally of the lawmakers who have — and have not — committed to withhold their votes on the bipartisan infrastructure bill in favor of robust budget reconciliation.



Buffalo’s Developer Class Backing Last-Ditch Attempt Against Socialist India Walton

Akela Lacy

A federal judge who wants Buffalo’s incumbent mayor back on the ballot is being scrutinized for his real estate ties.



Intelligence Contract Funneled to Pro-War Think Tank Establishment

Lee Fang

The Center for Strategic and International Studies received a hefty sum from Alion Science as part of a military-related contract.





No Accountability for War on Terror Atrocities


Journalists Rozina Ali and Murtaza Hussain discuss the domestic and foreign policy legacy of the last 20 years.



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A Wall Street-funded pressure group offered to raise $200000 for two conservative Democrats if they would cancel their appearances at a fundraiser hosted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to sources.

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