Initiator Creator - Initiator Creator - Issue 78

Initiator Creator - Issue #78

By Saurabh Y. // 9 October 2021


Creating the Perfect Commit in Git - CSS Tricks

This post is about what it takes to produce the latter type of commit or, in other words: the “perfect” commit.

Making Sense of Jamstack & Serverless Architecture - Snipcart

They are two powerful architectures that help developers build great experiences for the web—but are they just two buzzwords without much substance? What do they actually mean, and are they the same thing?

React antipatterns to avoid - Iskander Samatov

Here are some of the antipatterns most commonly seen in React applications and how to fix them. These antipatterns will make your codebase a nightmare to work with if you’re don’t learn to recognize and prevent them at their early stages.

Atropos - Stunning touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects - Atropos

Atropos is a lightweight, free and open-source JavaScript library to create stunning touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects. Available for JavaScript, React and Vue.js

How To Do A SEO JavaScript Audit - The gray dot company

If you want to make sure your website content is fully rendered and indexed, you need to proactively audit your website for JavaScript errors and accessibility issues. Identifying and fixing these problems ensures that Googlebot is able to access all the content on your website.


The Case for Ugly Design - Fast Company

Designers are ditching traditional rules of beauty and ‘good’ design in favor of something more honest and compelling.

Design Systems: The BNARL Model - UX Collective

The BNARL model helps the design system leads to be aware of the culture and set a necessary intervention.

Why Good Storytelling Helps You Design Great Products - GV

The idea is to create a series of narrative use-cases for your product that illustrate every step in the user’s journey through it.

The Power Of Pen And Paper Sketching - Smashing Magazine

When designing for digital spaces, it’s natural to default to digital mockup tools, but doing so cuts out a world of possibilities. Analog drawing can unleash your imagination and allow you to focus on what’s most important at the start: the ideas.


5 mistakes to avoid before a product launch - UX Collective

A product release is an important milestone for any organization. However, building a product (let alone launching) is not easy and requires careful planning and execution.

How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects and the Curious Absence of Scrum - The Pragmatic Engineer

A survey of how tech projects run across the industry highlights Scrum being absent from Big Tech.

I started SaaS companies in 2013 and 2021. Here's how things have changed - Airplane

In 2013, Ravi Parikh co-founded Heap, a product analytics company. In 2020, he co-founded Airplane, a developer platform for quickly creating internal tools. Here's what he has observed as being different in SaaS startups this time.

Is There a Future for Small WordPress Businesses? - WP Mayor

The past few months have been riddled with acquisitions in the WordPress space. This past week we saw two huge ones with LearnDash becoming part of StellarWP (Liquid Web) and Sandhills Development selling all its plugins to Awesome Motive. Is there a future for smaller WordPress businesses with all this consolidation happening around us?

Using video games to learn about product onboarding - UX Collective

From understanding cognitive load to theories of scaffolding, here are three important lessons of product onboarding that are made clear through video games.


The Four Forces of Bad Content - Animalz

These signs—unexpected self-promotion, descriptive writing, deference to data, and naivety—create friction between reader and writer, and they ensure that the audience always feels, in some small (or large) way, sold to. Together they make up the four fundamental forces of bad content.

Inside Awesome Motive's self-perpetuating marketing machine - Ellipsis

Awesome Motive have built a marketing machine powering millions of dollars in revenue. In WordPress we broadly understand this as stemming from CEO Syed Balkhi being extremely good at marketing, and then deploying this to devastating effect across a suite of products.

5 Email Unsubscribe Button Ideas That Could Save Subscribers - Hubspot

The unsubscribe button in your emails doesn't have to be feared. In fact, when leveraged wisely, the unsubscribe button can be a powerful tool that helps you curate an engaged email list of your ideal customers who are ready and willing to hear your message.

A Content Model Is Not a Design System - A list apart

A content model is a critical foundation for an omnichannel content strategy, and for our content to be understood by multiple systems, the model needed semantic types—types named according to their meaning instead of their presentation.

An update to how google generate web page titles - Google

Google introduced a new system of generating titles for web pages. Before this, titles might change based on the query issued. This generally will no longer happen with the new system.

Interesting Read

This is how many hours you should really be working - Atlassian

Have you ever wondered how many hours is the ideal number of hours you should work per week? Finally, a data-backed answer to an age-old question.

We Have to Talk About Doubt - Nautilus

How to tell the difference between scientific and conspiratorial skepticism.

Fear of judgement: why we are afraid of being judged - Ness Labs

Psychologists refer to these feelings as a “fear of negative evaluation.” Let’s have a look at why we worry about what others think of us, and how we can better manage our fear of being judged.

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