Well hello again.

I know. You're thinking "Jeez! Back so soon. This girl must be desperate."

Truth be told, I am. Kinda.

See, 10 days to get this stuff all figured out is a bit of a sprint. 

Especially if you've never done anything like this before.

So I'm jumping right in head-first –– I hope you are just as excited and will join me!

You can access your own copy of Craft Your Content's Voice & Vision Questionnaire here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XJ4ShONUWVb7RI5wE-GcuX0pFtfoGbsxyJFwA_9nj_E/edit

TO USE THIS DOCUMENT : Go to the Menu Bar and Click File then Make a copy

This will allow you to edit the document with your own answers and information.

You are going to have the rest of today and tomorrow to get this filled out. It isn't TOO long, but it is 30 questions. So it is pretty thorough.

Best to get working on it sooner rather than later!

Got questions about the questionnaire? I've got answers. 

Just hit REPLY to any email I send you and ask away. We receive and respond to every email that hits the inbox, it's a weird old-school internet thing.

Let's see what you've got! ~ Elisa