TikTok Christmas Cocktails, Creative Host Gifts, and More

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Gifting a tech product like a Chromecast or Kindle? Make sure the recipient knows how to use it before you head home.

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December 23, 2021

Tip of the Day

Gifting a tech product like a Chromecast or Kindle? Make sure the recipient knows how to use it before you head home.


Happy Thursday! The Christmas holiday is almost upon us and that means gift-giving and holiday parties—so be sure to grab a few of our creative host gifts on the way out the door. (And if you’re planning holiday travel, do check out the best and worst times to travel for Christmas.)

If you have some last-minute baking to do, there’s always this ultra-simple three-ingredient sugar cookie recipe to save the day. Or maybe one of these TikTok Christmas cocktails to take the edge off holiday preparations.

And for folks traveling by air this holiday, here’s a bit of water cooler trivia for you to contemplate while enduring a four-hour cross-country flight. On this day in 1986, the Voyager experimental aircraft completed the first non-stop flight around the globe using a single payload of fuel. The flight took 9 days and 4 minutes starting and ending at Edwards Airforce Base in California. So when you’re on a flight that lasts a few hours, you can be thankful it’s not a 216-hour flight that lands at the same airport you took off from!

– Jason

9 Creative Gifts Any Holiday Party Hosts Will Love

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10 TikTok Cocktails Perfect for Christmas

Christmas is about shining lights, festive films, and family time, but it’s also about food, and that includes drinks. For the 21 and over set, a Christmas cocktail is likely going to be part of your celebration at some point. Whether you’re looking for a simple beverage to make for an upcoming holiday party or something warm to combat the winter chill, someone has made it on TikTok. Read More »

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