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Tip of the Day:

Yesterday we suggested embracing a distraction-free New Year by turning off app notifications. For serious distractions, though, you can’t beat uninstalling the app altogether.

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January 6, 2022

Tip of the Day

Yesterday we suggested embracing a distraction-free New Year by turning off app notifications. For serious distractions, though, you can’t beat uninstalling the app altogether.


Happy Thursday! It’s bitter cold here today but also snowing in that slow-floating magical Christmas movie sort of way where every snowflake looks like a lazy winter fairy just wandering around, so I’ll take it. If it’s cold where you are, here’s to hoping you have magical looking snow too!

Speaking of snow, Virginia made national news this week when hundreds of motorists were stranded on I-95 due to unusually heavy snow. Here’s your feel good story of the week: thanks to a quick-thinking young woman and her husband stranded on the road a local business was able to feed the stranded people.

Early January is also CES time where thousands of companies and even more thousands of people converge on Las Vegas to show off new and cool consumer gadgets. It wouldn’t be CES without us poring over all the amazing stuff and rounding it up for you, so do check out the LifeSavvy CES 2022 Awards!

And if you’re back to work after the holidays like most of us and feeling like you’re putting more pressure on yourself than ever, you’ll definitely want to hear what the experts have to say about toxic productivity.

Finally, here’s an appropriate bit of water cooler trivia for today in light of CES and the fact that we’re even having this interaction via the internet. On this day in 1838, Samuel Morse demonstrated the telegraph in Morristown, New Jersey. That simple tap-tap-tapping of electrical impulses over a wire to communicate at a distance became the foundation of the entire modern telecommunications industry including the internet we’re all enjoying right now.

– Jason


The LifeSavvy Best of CES 2022 Awards: Everything and the Kitchen Sink

For most folks, the highlight of the holiday season is Christmas where they can unpack new and exciting gifts. For folks like us, Christmas comes a bit later at CES where we get to preview new, exotic, and exciting products. Here are our favorites from CES 2022! Read More »

An Expert’s Guide on Toxic Productivity

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a massive influx of ‘new year, new you’ advice. Setting goals and making plans is all well and good in theory, but in practice, it can quickly turn into a phenomenon known as “toxic productivity.” Read More »


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Alpine's Halo Floating Car Stereo Upgraded to Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay

While more vehicles are coming with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay built-in, many of them don’t support wireless CarPlay. Thankfully, at CES 2022, Alpine announced brand new versions of its popular 9 and 11-inch Halo receiver with wireless built-in, among other improvements. Read More »


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