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January 13, 2022
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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

“Dracula's castle” — One of the weirdest places people have gotten vaccinated. Count us in.

Can You Feel the Inflation Tonight?

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The Story

Inflation is at a nearly 40-year high.

Fill me in.

Yesterday, the Labor Department said consumer prices climbed 7% in December compared to the year before. It’s the highest pace of inflation since the ‘80s, as everything from food to gas and cars got more expensive. The news comes amid an extremely tight labor market, staffing shortages, and supply chain issues. And as grocery store shelves are looking empty. 

That doesn’t sound good.

It’s not. Inflation is believed to be the single greatest threat to economic recovery from the pandemic. It has all the money wizards at the Federal Reserve doing their delicate interest rates dance. Think: considering moving up interest rate hikes as soon as March. All while apparently trying not to overcorrect and cool down the jobs market. 

Why does that dance sound…unwatchable?

Because it’s stressful. And the Fed isn’t the only one sweating. All of this comes as the country prepares for an election year (hi, midterms). Republicans are blaming President Biden and legislative spending for the inflation bump. Meanwhile, the Biden admin says it’s "making progress" on keeping prices down. But that more needs to be done. There are signs supply chain issues could ease before November. But prices are expected to stay high throughout 2022.


No one needed yesterday’s news to know that their wallets are hurting. But the report is putting pressure on the gov to turn down the inflationary heat…or possibly risk a recession. Tick tock.

PS: You can’t control inflation but you can control your budget — and adjust your spending when possible. See tips here.

And Also...This

What’s on the move…

Omicron. Yesterday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said the COVID-19 variant is likely to infect “just about everybody.” But that the vaccinated will likely fare better. The announcement comes as US hospitalizations continue to break records, with more than 150,000 COVID-19-positive patients this week. It also comes as some European health experts are starting to see the virus more like an endemic illness (like the flu). And as the White House begins sending out 10 million COVID-19 tests for schools a month. The WH is also considering options to make high-quality masks more widely available (see: N95s, KN95s). But experts say cases in the UK and US could start dropping off soon.

  • Another crisis: Blood shortages. The Red Cross is warning this week that COVID-19, weather, and staffing limitations have caused the worst blood shortage in over a decade. And is declaring its first-ever national blood crisis. Consider donating here.

PS: Here's everything we know about the Omicron variant (so far).

Who people are remembering...

Ronnie Spector. Yesterday, the lead singer of the ‘60s girl group The Ronettes died after a battle with cancer. She was at 78. The group was known for hits like “Be my Baby,” “Walking in the Rain,” and “Baby, I Love You.” And in 2007, they were inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tributes from music legends including Brian Wilson, Stevie Van Zandt, and Diane Warren came flooding in. Spector's family remembered her as someone with a “spunky attitude” and “a wicked sense of humor.”

Who’s been cryptic about crypto…

Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather. And some other celebs. The pair are facing a class action complaint that accuses them of inflating the price of the cryptocurrency EthereumMax. The lawsuit says the celebrities made “false or misleading statements” on social media and elsewhere. The currency has reportedly lost around 97% of its value since June. So much for Keeping Up with the Stock Market.

PS: Skip the scam. Learn the ins and outs of crypto before you decide to buy.

Who's the role model kids need...

Ida B. Wells.

How to Skimm Your Life Challenge

Bibliotherapy — aka reading to reduce stress — is real. Studies have found that it can also treat moderate depression. And no lie: Even fiction does the trick. So today, crack open a book for 10 minutes and let those good vibes set in. If you need a book rec, we can help.

PS: Like a good read, our challenges will keep you on the edge (of your very happy) seat. Sign up to get them texted to you every weekday throughout the month. And catch up on all the challenges here

Change Our Minds

The new year not everything you hoped and dreamed it would be? We get it. But we’ve also got an idea: Adjust your POV. 

There’s an expert-approved psychological concept called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that says changing your thoughts can help you change your behavior and emotions. CBT’s all about understanding how you think. So you can use it to your advantage. Digital health platform Noom’s like that, too. In fact, it applies CBT techniques to guide and support users through their wellness journey. It can help you build healthier habits. And actually stick to ‘em. Try it free for 14 days.

Skimm Picks

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3. Eye makeup that’s foolproof, flirty, and fabulous. Try this zero-waste, refillable shadow crayon for a long-lasting, crease-free, shimmery or matte look. It has a built-in blending brush. Aaand ships in packaging made with 98% recycled materials. Here’s 25% off.*

4. Six things you can do to stress less in 2022. Say that five times fast. We know New Year’s overhauls can be a lot. So we teamed up with HelloFresh to give ya some small routine adjustments with big stress relief payoffs. Read up.*

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6. A portable sound machine so you never have to deal with unwanted noise. Maybe you've got a loud neighbor or maybe the honks of street traffic keep you up late. Either way — this machine (with 36 sounds) will get the job done. For 20% off, use code 20SKIMMSLEEP.

*PS: This is a sponsored post.

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We like to celebrate the wins, big and small. Let us know how your friends, neighbors, coworkers (and yes, even you) are making career moves, checking off goals, or making an impact in the community.

A friend to all...Brooke S (CA). She's a full-time school counselor who's also a very active volunteer at Frosted Faces (a senior animal rescue organization). And devotes about 15-20 hours a week to support their mission.

On her grindCathy B (NY). She was recently promoted to senior digital strategist at her daytime marketing agency and also writes freelance SEO content. She finally hit her dream salary.

(Some) birthdays.…Kristen Sudol (NJ), Edie Sher (MN), Amanda Martin (OK), Kelsey Ebelhar (GA), Gene Suttle (TX), Madison Gardner (IL), Mimi Reichenbach (NY), Herb Holman (MN), Lexie Gritlefeld (CA), Kristina Fasulo(NJ), Amanda Sposato (MA), Corey Londoner (CT), Kate Pierson (FL), Kirsten Leach Belmont (TX), Sarah Nissen (MN)

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