Ina Garten's New Year's Advice, Dumbbell Cleaning, Cooking Skills, and More

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If you misplace your keys a lot, give them a home. Hang them on a hook inside the back door or place them in a bowl in your entryway and you’ll always know where to look.

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January 13, 2022

Tip of the Day

If you misplace your keys a lot, give them a home. Hang them on a hook inside the back door or place them in a bowl in your entryway and you’ll always know where to look.


Happy Thursday! If you’re ready for some New Year’s advice with levity, we recommend checking out Ina Garten’s advice for the coming year. Speaking of the New Year, here are some important cooking skills to focus on mastering this year if you want to up your chef game.

If you want some advice that’s a bit more fitness-focused, here’s how to keep your home gym a bit tidier by cleaning your dumbbells. Of course, if you work yourself a bit too hard with the dumbbell cleaning and subsequent use, you can grab one of these weighted heated blankets.

And water cooler trivia? You know we have some. On this day in 1968, American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash recorded his first live album, the iconic Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison. The album was critically received, went on to go triple platinum, and revitalized Cash’s career.

– Jason

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