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“Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it.” ― Salvador Dali

Remember that newsletter I sent in October or November, that said “don’t worry so much about consistency.”

Well, what I should have caveated is “don’t worry so much about consistency if the only reason you are pursuing it is for audience or vanity metrics.”

Because we took the weekend of Black Friday/Cyber Monday off from newsletters as we have the past couple years to save your inbox … and now it is January 2022 and whoops!

Dropping a bunch of CYC links to share those great posts that our contributors worked on that deserve allllll the audience views. We’ll be back with more regular Writing Rundown coverage next week.

What You Missed on Craft Your Content …

Our articles have the same mission we do — to help you to make your own words even better!

  • Parenting toddlers is distinctly challenging. Add to that the incredible task of managing a writing career, and what could have been an amazing, productive day can often turn to a stressful one. Writer Jahlene Crisele Javar shares tips to help you manage your writing career while parenting a toddler.
  • COVID changed the way we work in various ways, and the ripple effects of those changes affect everything from work to mental health. For creatives feeling off their game or struggling to hit targets, writer Rafiat Shittu shares how to deal with imposter syndrome as a creative.
  • Just as writing takes many forms, its inspiration comes from various places. Writer Kris Schoewe shares how to draw writing inspiration from movies — and amp up your storytelling.
  • The best way to write isn’t always in as few words as possible. In this short guide, author Jennifer Manghisi shares how to know when to express all your thoughts, and when you should probably prune your piece.

  • Wondering what to put in your 2022 reading plan? From all of CYC to you, here’s our favorite content of 2021. We “strongly recommend.”

  • Are you a writer losing motivation? You’re not alone. Writer Cici Eze shares what to do when your writing hobby becomes a chore and how to get back to having fun.

  • If you’ve ever worked with a news producer, you know the stressful deadlines, breakneck speed, and strict discipline it takes to swiftly and smoothly deliver high-quality work, 24/7. If you haven’t worked in a newsroom, producer Rachel Llewellyn has the tea. Here’s how to write like a producer — and improve your work in the process.

CYC Elsewhere ...

Other places we’ve popped up around the interwebs.

  • One of the very best things you can gift a writer is a book. Or a book recommendation. Undomesticated Magazine does us one better with this 12-book reader’s gift guide for 2022.(You might recognize #4 if you’ve been around CYC for a while!)
  • We won a safety award! What does that mean? It means we take all the correct measures to make Craft Your Content safe as possible for visitors and readers. Check out the safety analysis on

In Other Reading This Week …

Need more insights and inspiration for your writing and mindset?

  • Like I said, we’ll be back with this next week. 😉

Weekly Writing Tip …

A quick chance to learn from the masters.

“Breaking bad habits is like training a dog, you got to be consistent.” ― Sanita Belgrave

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