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Worried about Google’s AI search update? Here’s how to adapt.

Google is making its AI-driven Search Generative Experience the standard for every user. What does that mean for your online visibility and traffic? We'll talk about it in our upcoming webinar on
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Your content may be sabotaging your SEO

Is your website quieter than usual? Google might be giving you the side-eye for some of your content. They're not just looking at the good stuff anymore... The 2023 Helpful Content Update made that
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Google I/O 2024: What Will Search Look Like?

Google just wrapped their I/O event. They talked a lot about search and the future of it. If you want a quick overview and you want to know the changes coming, check this out. It breaks it all down for
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What TikTok ban in the U.S. means for marketers

Let's assume that TikTok is actually banned in the US To maintain brand resilience, diversification across digital platforms would become crucial. But honestly, that's just good marketing
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The secret for creating content that converts

I'm excited to share The New Marketing Strategy I've Been Using for the Last 3 Months in my upcoming webinar. Join me and Saulo Medeiros, VP of Marketing at NP Digital, for a discussion of the
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Something I like using in my marketing

If you have read any of my content, you know that I love data. Over the years, I have found a way to leverage the data to make my content pieces hit and generate more traffic. But the key isn't to
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How I doubled my blog traffic in 3 months

Is your content hit or miss? If you're tired of investing time and energy into content that gets crickets, you don't want to miss my next webinar: ​The New Marketing Strategy I've Been
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Your email marketing won’t work anymore unless you follow these three rules

If you're sending 5000 or more emails per day, Google and Yahoo have new rules you must follow, or your emails won't reach your audience's inboxes anymore. Here are the new requirements at
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New TikTok SEO Feature

TikTok and Instagram have taken over Google when it comes to search for Gen-Z. But that's old news. The question is, how do you do keyword research and figure out what's popular on TikTok and
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This is what everyone is struggling with in marketing

Most of my consulting calls center around the same marketing challenges... So, I'll share my strategies to combat the most common problems in my upcoming webinar: Pick My Brain: From SEO to AI,
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Are you focusing your SEO on the wrong “relevance”?

Relevance is an important ranking factor for Google… but what exactly is relevance? Even experienced SEOs are getting this wrong. They're focusing on semantic relevance (think of it as “context”).
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Heard about the Cookie changes?

Changes in cookie policies are reshaping strategies across all digital channels. What do these shifts mean for your marketing? How should you adapt? Proactive strategizing for cookie deprecation is
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This is something I’ve never done before...

Do you want to know the number one topic I discuss with clients during our consulting calls? Here's the thing... It's not just one. But it's clear that most marketers and business owners
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Is long-form content dead?

I keep hearing this: “Nobody reads long-form content anymore.” It's true that the human attention span keeps dropping. 20 years ago, it was around 2.5 minutes. Today, it's 45 seconds. And the
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Exclusive invite to try my latest tool

If you send marketing emails, this message is just for you. I'm inviting you to try my newest (free) tool: the Mail Grader. This tool will analyze your email strategy and give you actionable
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The biggest revenue drivers of 2024 are...

I'm excited to delve into the most effective marketing channels with you in my upcoming webinar. We'll be discussing what's really working in 2024 with two of my agency's top experts:
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“ROI is where the attention is” is wrong

I did a ton of Google searches and looked at different websites to figure out where people are spending the most time. And I found out that the saying “ROI is where the attention is” is wrong. Because
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How Long Should Your Blog Articles Be?

It used to be where you need 2300-word articles to rank on page 1. Things have changed... especially with the release of AI. So, we decided to look at how long content should be in today's world. ​
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Where the Smart Money is Going

We recently did a survey to discover which marketing channels companies spend most of their time on. We also did a survey to discover which channels deliver the most ROI. And shocker... the results don
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Marketing is all about creatives (but not the kind you’re thinking of)

Your creatives are the key to your marketing success. And I don't just mean ad creatives like static images or videos. I'm talking about the creative brains behind your marketing campaigns.