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The Optimization Trap: When SEO Actually Hurts Your Traffic

You would think the more SEO you do the higher your traffic will go up. But that isn't always the case. SEO can actually hurt your traffic. Especially if you do too much of it. Before you spend
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Checkout this out... I automated my Instagram marketing and got 132% more engagement

Over the past few months, I've been trying out something new. I've been automating my Instagram marketing and the results have been great. 132% more engagement. Best of all, it was easy and
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How to Write Amazing Blog Posts Without Being an Expert in Your Niche

Writing is tough, especially if you are just starting out. The trickiest part is showing that you are an expert. So how do you write if you are just starting off and aren't an expert? Here's
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7 Email strategies to win customers’ hearts

Every now and then I see on the Internet someone claiming that "Email is dead". This couldn't be further from the truth. On average, for every $1 you spend, you can expect a return on
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The Ultimate Guide to SEO for E-commerce Websites

If you have an ecommerce site, you have to check this out. It breaks down how to do SEO step-by-step. I've been doing SEO for years, and we have worked with hundreds of ecommerce sites. So the
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The Only Features You Need to Use in SEO Tools

Look, there are a lot of SEO tools and reports. It can be overwhelming. So today I am going to make it simple. I am going to show you what tools and reports you need to boost your traffic. Here's
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9 AI Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier as a Marketer

Marketing is time-consuming. Unless you have a big team, it's hard to accomplish a lot. Well, that's until now. :) There are a handful of AI tools that will make your life easier when it comes
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How To Completely Recover Your Lost SEO Traffic

Has your traffic gone down? You're not the only one... it eventually happens to all of us. So, does that mean all hope is lost? Of course not. Here's how to fix and recover your lost SEO
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How I Got Over 942,000 YouTube Subscribers (And You Can Too)

The number 1 channel that drives new sales to my business is SEO. Can you guess what the number 2 channel is? YouTube. And here's what's crazy... I am in B2B. It works better in B2C, but yet
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Advice You Should Hear Before Jumping Into SEO

Whether you have been doing SEO for a bit now or you are looking to start, you should know this. Won't take you more than a few minutes to go through it. But know it is super important. Hopefully,
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Here's a Customized List of Keywords You Can Rank For Today

Everyone says SEO takes a while and it does. Especially if you want to rank for competitive terms like “credit card”. But there must be a list of keywords that you can rank for today that is super easy
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If You Have Zero Website Visitors, Do This First

If you have no visitors and no money, is marketing a lost cause? Well, the good news is, it isn't. There are actually things you can do to get things kick-started. This is what you should do first.
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7 Hidden Tactics for E-Commerce Companies

On average, only 1.94% of e-commerce website visits convert into a purchase... To increase that number you need to learn the tactics that are being used by the fastest growing e-commerce companies.
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What I Learned by Spending $100,000 on TV Ads

I did something interesting. I spent $100k on TV ads for my ad agency, NP Digital. In the last year or so... Google and YouTube ads went up by 108% Facebook had an 89% increase, while the average CPM
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Sometimes the Best SEO Strategy Is to Abandon Some Keywords

SEO is all about keywords. But did you know you can do better with your SEO if you abandon some of the keywords you want to rank for? I know it sounds crazy, but it can actually increase your traffic.
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A boring way to boost your search rankings

A 5000-word blog post is impressive. A backlink from Forbes is amazing. But you know what's NOT going to win you praise on social media? Site speed. Which is too bad, because improving your site
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How to Appeal to Google's E-A-T

Don't you hate it when you visit and website and you are presented with a bunch of inaccurate information? Well, who doesn't hate that? That's why Google released the Medic update in 2018..
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10 Easy SEO Ideas That Will Blow Up Your Traffic in 2021

There are over 200 factors in Google's algorithm. But each factor doesn't have the same weight. Some of them can help/hurt your rankings more than others. So today I wanted to break down 10
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Don’t Panic, Most Sites Are Seeing Traffic Drops

Have you noticed that your traffic has been dropping for the last few months? Well, it's not just you. It's actually most of the web. Here's what industries got affected the hardest and
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5 Hacks That Will Optimize Your Ad Campaigns

One of the fastest ways to scale up your marketing is ads. Sure it costs money, but if you can make it profitable right away, does it really matter? So to help you make your ads work and scale here are