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ryde or die

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #35: remembering DMX, UnitedMasters, Diddy and REVOLT, Scooter Braun, and more. ryde or die ​read in browser​ Hey. It's been bittersweet to think about DMX since he passed away.
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we ride together, we die together

​ ​ ​ Hey! Here's the long-awaited essay on Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. I know, it's about damn time! But hey, gotta get it right. At nearly 2400 words and two hand-drawn visuals, it's
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loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #34: Issa Rae's WarnerMedia deal, the new 360 deals, vinyl sales growth, industry myths, and more. loyalty, loyalty, loyalty ​read the browser​ Hey! Did you see Peloton and
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the era of consistency

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #33: Troy Carter's fanbase building, Drake's longevity, Death Row Records and eOne potential sale, and more. the era of consistency ​read in browser​ Hey! This week's
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a seat at the table

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #32: Why Swizz Beatz and Timbaland sold Verzuz to Triller, Micah Johnson's million dollar NFTs, and much more. a seat at the table ​read in browser​ Hey! Last night I watched
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we do it for the artist

​ ​ ​ Trapital: Monday Memo #31: SoundCloud, Square-Tidal, DJ MICK, and a whole lot more! we do it for the artist ​read in browser​ Hey! Happy International Women's Day. Thanks again for helping me
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don't call it a comeback

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #30: Trapital turns 3, Nas' investments, Motown's success, and movie soundtracks. don't call it a comeback ​read in browser​ Was this forwarded to you? Sign up here. Hey
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NFTs potential in hip-hop

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #29: Jay Z sells LVMH 50% of Ace of Spades, NFTs everywhere, Donald Glover-Amazon, Spotify's Stream On. NFTs potential in hip-hop ​read in browser​ brought to you by ​ Hey!
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the Fenty identity

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #28: Rihanna's Fenty brands, The Weeknd's ROI, Jay Z and Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin fund. the Fenty identity ​read in browser​ Hey! Happy President's Day. I hope you
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I'm blinded by the memes

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #27: The Weeknd, Triller vs Universal, Joe Budden on Patreon, and more blinded by the memes ​read in browser​ brought to you by ​ Hey! If this memo was sent to you twice, my bad.
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big bank take lil' bank

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #26: Sony buys AWAL, Lil' Baby's rise, and more. big bank take lil' bank ​read in browser​ sponsored by ​ Hey! Happy Black History Month to you and yours. What a wild,
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the COVID concert circuit

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #25: concerts during COVID, Verzuz expansion, Clubhouse's $1B valuation and adoption curve. the COVID concert circuit ​read in browser​ sponsored by ​ Hey! If you haven't
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rock the boat

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #24: Spotify's podcast push, Cardi B's music videos, Aaliyah's music. rock the boat ​read in browser​ sponsored by ​ Hey! I normally send this memo on Mondays but I
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Welcome to Trapital Podcast updates!

 Hey! Thanks for signing up for the Trapital Podcast updates. You'll get updates on new episodes, key insights and takeaways, upcoming guests, and more. Here are a few favorite Trapital pod
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interview: Master P on building generational wealth

​ ​ ​ Master P on building generational wealth Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher, or watch the video on YouTube. Hey! My latest podcast interview is with the mogul and hip-hop
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everyone wants equity

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #22: Warner invests in Roblox, kid's hip-hop market, streaming in Africa. everyone wants equity ​read in browser​ sponsored by ​ Hey! If you haven't read my latest essay on
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TikTok's opportunity

​ ​ ​ The app is launchpad to superstardom, but the record label pipeline's not for everyone. Trapital Essay. Hey! Here's my essay on TikTok. It was ready to send earlier this week, but I
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Master P and Reebok?

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #22: Will Master P and Baron Davis acquire Reebok? Should they? Master P and Reebok? ​read in browser​ Hey! 2021 is here. Trapital is starting the year off right with a new podcast,
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why Square wants Tidal

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #21: Why Square would be interested in Tidal, and the most popular Trapital content of 2020 why Square wants Tidal ​read in browser​ Happy Holidays! I hope you're gearing up for
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the steal of a lifetime

​ ​ ​ Trapital Memo #20: Lil Wayne's Young Money $100M masters sale, Troy Carter, Roc Lit book publishing the steal of a lifetime ​read in browser​ Hey there. This is the second to last Trapital