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There are strands of energy flowing through your body. From the points of your toes, they swirl and entwine through your body into a long string that leaves the crown of your head to reach heaven and
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Avoid burnout

No matter what, you have to find time for yourself to recharge. Don't put your physical and mental health on the backburner. Don't buckle down and push on. Don't keep going to the point of
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Your brain is begging you to slow down

Attention shapes your entire experience of the world. But your attention is not our own. Your uptime is taken up by work that seems to never stop. Your downtime is dominated by attention-grabbing
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Two hours is all you need

Do we need another productivity app, tool, workshop, podcasts, books? Maybe two hours a day is all we need to do our most productive and most important work. Two hours without emails, snacks, calls,
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Is “Les Fleur” by Minnie Ripperton the greatest song ever?

Sparse guitars and soft drums and Minnie Riperton's whisper-high vocals. Swooning strings glide in and under and lift the song ever higher as the orchestra swells and the choir skitters in
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Have a good one

Life is hard enough without beating yourself up about it. Be kind to yourself. Interrupt any anxious or negative thoughts by asking yourself, 'What if things work out? What if my work pays off?
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Short list for a long life

Here's some quick tips to increase brain function, eliminate inflammation and live a healthy, longer life. + Lemon - in hot water first thing in the morning + Coffee — make it double espresso a
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Well regulated guns

'A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.' Too many people misconstrue the meaning of
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Build better hospitals

Most hospitals are drab, dreadful factories of misery and melancholy. Massive, inhuman in scale and orientation, spirit-crushing for patients and staff alike. Sterile sealed boxes that configure and
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Gary Abbott isn't the only one. But as the supposed governor of Texas he makes a fine example of everything rotten in Republican politics at this juncture in history. Like many Republican governors
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When did hustling become a good thing?

Hustling used to be the purview of pimps and thieves. To be a hustler was to be a con artist, a prostitute, a grifter, a swindler, a whore. Hustler was a monthly full-color pornographic magazine with
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Is “Date With The Night” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs the greatest song ever?

Jarring, scattergun guitar riffs and kicking drums and singer Karen O's wounded wail. Bratty power chords and after-dark thrills written by New York's breakout post-punk three-piece with
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Get happy

Despite what our accounting and banking friends tell us, money is not the root of all happiness. Matthew Killingsworth of the University of Pennsylvania has debunked a popular myth that there is no
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Let’s abolish the senate

Our US senate is the upper chamber of our congress. Together with our house of representatives in the lower chamber it rules across the land as a bicameral legislature. It's composed of senators,
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How to be more creative

There's a well-worn trope that creativity leaves us as we age. This is a ridiculous and utterly unhelpful conceit. If anything, creativity should play a bigger and more important role as we get
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Slower creatives

Have you seen “Slow Horses” on Apple TV+? It's a wry British spy thriller series about the comeuppance of a motley band of exiled M15 officers being set up to take the fall for a false flag
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Tom Robbins’ lost commencement address

Where were you on the evening of June 7, 1974? Author Tom Robbins was standing at the podium at the Surf and Sands Country Club in Oak Harbor, looking at the expectant faces of a handful of graduates,
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Older creatives

Some of us may have worked in the golden days of advertising. Marvelous days when creativity was triumphant, when teams of copywriters and art directors ruled and the work was good. When creative
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Is “Let There Be Rock” by AC/DC the greatest song ever?

Explosive pile-driving hopped-up boogie-blues riffs charge forward. Massive chords from the loudest, mightiest guitar band in the world. Singer Bon Scott slyly preaches the birth of rock and roll with
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Better ideas

The problem with Republicans is they have no imagination. Texas Senator Ted Cruz's idea for solving mass shootings at schools is to have only one door. Not only is this a stupid, insipid and