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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - March 9

Don't you ever feel tired of all the chaos? Tired of wave after wave of catastrophic climate change and geopolitical crisis? Tired of waiting for everything to collapse? How can things get better
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - March 7

'I don't speak to murderers!!' Yes, that was the text my stepson sent to me. I think the double exclamation points hurt the most. Such unnecessary melodrama. I can understand his grief of
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - March 5

It's a shame to learn you didn't get the TikTok account for the UK. Was it a proper pitch? A proper dog and pony show? Or just a credentials presentation to set up another PR agency within the
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - March 2

Yes, I feel terrible. Yes, I should have emailed you weeks ago. Yes, I received your voicemail message. Which of course startled me because, really, who leaves voicemail messages these days? I don'
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - January 5

So there wasn't a single sales consultant at the Range Rover showroom today. Gleaming floor tiles and gleaming overhead lighting and gleaming car models but no one to ask a question or arrange a
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - January 4

It's the new year. Did you celebrate? Did you have your own private fireworks show? Still have all your fingers? I went to sleep early on new year's eve thinking I'd avoid the revelry and
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - December 25

It's Christmas day. No doubt you and Sandra are hosting another Christmas celebration at Owlings Manor. Young and old, extended family and work family. All those work orphans you've managed to
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - December 22

No, I didn't get to visit my new country place. I was in meetings with lawyers for the past week. Not in person but online. Where they never seemed to have the files they needed. Which just meant
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - December 11

Yes, I remember doing business in Saudi Arabia. So much oil, so much money. How could anyone forget? Starting the week on a Sunday took a little getting used to. The complete and utter lack of women in
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - December 8

I never knew you borrowed the whole carbon footprint playbook from the Keep America Beautiful campaign. Of course I remember the television commercial from 1971. With the American Indian in native
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - November 20

I slept and slept and slept. And awoke still a little raspy around the edges but hopefully Covid free. What a nasty disease. It seems to feed on grief, lying in wait until your immune system is
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - November 19

I'm sorry for not replying sooner but I'm afraid Covid got the better of me. After dodging the virus for years, staying a continent or a country or at least a time zone ahead of it, the damn
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - November 6

Kensington for the weekdays and Lechdale for the weekends sounds like a perfect plan. Proof that despite your endless promises you'll never retire. Perhaps you missed your calling. You should have
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - November 4

I can't believe you've put a deposit down on a new Bentley Continental GT. Yes, I know you've already pictured you and Sandra motoring through the countryside, surging forward as the 6-
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - October 30

I had no idea Rishi Sunak's communications and policy team was so complete. Little wonder he managed to roil all the other contenders. Liam Booth-Smith. Eleanor Shawcross-Wolfson. Nerissa
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Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - October 27

I think I know why you suggested I pop into the Melbourne office but I don't think I'll take you up on it. So many memories. Of course that's where we first met. You were fresh from the
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“The Sorrows” - October 23, 2022

I just wanted to dash off a quick email to let you know I arrived safely back in Australia. Because of course you have nothing else to worry about in life except my wellbeing and frequent flyer points.
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There are strands of energy flowing through your body. From the points of your toes, they swirl and entwine through your body into a long string that leaves the crown of your head to reach heaven and
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Avoid burnout

No matter what, you have to find time for yourself to recharge. Don't put your physical and mental health on the backburner. Don't buckle down and push on. Don't keep going to the point of
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Your brain is begging you to slow down

Attention shapes your entire experience of the world. But your attention is not our own. Your uptime is taken up by work that seems to never stop. Your downtime is dominated by attention-grabbing