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Start with the audience, not the idea 👥

MicroFounder It can be hard to start a new startup without funding as a solo developer when you don't know if it succeeds or not. How can you increase your chances? One way is to start with the
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"I have no idea" 💡

MicroFounder Many developers wanting to become microfounders say that they just don't have any idea what to build. Our suggestion has been to just start. Developers often don't end up with the
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180 microfounders reached 1.3 million USD per month 🤑

MicroFounder Yes, it's possible for a solo developer to build a profitable microstartup to pay the bills and live life on their own terms. In the beginning, it can feel impossible: 😩 Full-time job
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Feel good and your microstartup succeeds ✨

MicroFounder "Try to avoid convincing yourself that you know exactly what you should be doing. Nothing that I'm doing now I could have imagined to be doing just a year or two ago." – 🎰
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Don't start by writing code 💻

MicroFounder We, developers, are good at writing code and we enjoy doing it. So it's natural for us wanting to start microstartups (or side projects) by writing code first. But we all know how many
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Find customers on marketplaces 🛒

MicroFounder The first big question for microfounders is about how to come up with the idea. The second big question is about finding the first customers. We have previously covered Twitter, side
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Time to pivot 🔁

MicroFounder We just recently covered the importance of starting, which is one of the most told advice from successful microfounders. Often it can be hard to come up with an idea that you feel excited
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Excitement is gone ☹️

MicroFounder Founders on Tech-Twitter talk a lot about strategies and growth hacks, but maybe the most important thing is actually the skill to manage your mood and excitement. If you don't have
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Microfounders move fast 🏎

MicroFounder I started as a web developer, creating websites for the companies who found me on the web. I moved quickly – wrote some emails with the client, made a design, connected it to my own custom
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Keep going 🏁

MicroFounder Yesterday I shared some advice from successful microfounders who highlighted the importance of starting. But when you do find an idea that feels good to you and you see the potential in it
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Just start 🎬

MicroFounder When I ask microfounders what's their advice for starting a startup as a solo developer, they often mention the importance of, well... starting: "I think the hardest thing is just
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Microstartups are good for your day job 💼

MicroFounder Today we read how meaning and responsibility can be more important than flexible hours. It was based on a Hacker News post where a "middle aged" developer felt "as a loser
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Cold emails 🥶

MicroFounder Probably one of the hardest things for a microfounders is to find their first customers. No website traffic, no word-of-mouth, no money to run ads. So, if you don't have a budget to
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Market downturn 📉

MicroFounder Tech stocks on public markets have crashed. Startups slowing down hiring. Valuations took a hit. Investors are catious when writing checks. YCombinator – whose top startups are valued more
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Side projects as marketing

MicroFounder We know that most microfounders are software engineers and marketing can be one of the hardest things for them. Why? Because engineers enjoy creating products by writing code, not coming
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Find customers on Twitter

MicroFounder When asked about where do microfounders find their customers, especially their first ones, they often mention Twitter: "Right now it's 99% through twitter." – Dagobert
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Building on top of Notion

MicroFounder Todo lists, roadmaps, engineering wikis, meeting notes. Many people use Notion to organize their work. So why not use Notion for other tasks, like scheduling Tweets or building a knowledge
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🌌 SVG Backgrounds ($1.2k/mo) and ⏱ StageTimer ($1.3k/mo)

MicroFounder StageTimer Event Timer in the Cloud $1.3k/mo SVG Backgrounds SVG background generator $1.2k/mo EARLY ACCESS Get MicroFounder OS – a developer's operating system to becoming a
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✨ Logology ($3.2k/mo), Cloakist ($2.8k/mo) + 1 more

MicroFounder It's possible for a solo developer to build a profitable microstartup to pay the bills and live life on their own terms. Logology Get a designer-quality brand for your startup.