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The appeal of making an auto shoot 'em up game like Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is the leader of a new breed of auto shoot 'em up arena games. Hundreds of developers small and large have either already published or are currently working on their own games in
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How to handle the death of a platform (for example: Twitter)

Maybe you don't use Twitter, but what would you do if Steam disappeared? Listen to this episode on Anchor or watch on YouTubeWe're making games, but we need places for those games to exist, and
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Scratch your itch with ChuyPlays

Let's talk about game development, how it relates to food, and scratching your creative itch with ChuyPlays – all this and more right now on Make the Game. Listen on Anchor or your favorite podcast
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Making Midautumn with Sherveen Uduwana

Welcome to Make the Game – my name is Matt Hackett. Come hang out with me and Sherveen as we chat about his game Midautumn and GDC talk Growing Your Code Library with Each New Project. Let's jump
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Making your first game with ChuyPlays

Today we're talking with Chuy, a multi-talented podcaster and content creator who is starting to make his very first video game. Let's jump in. Listen on Anchor Listen on Anchor or your
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My next game is called Witchmore

Finally! Books and podcasts are cool but it's time to make a video game. Let's talk about: 1. The game itself 2. Why I picked this game (and what itches it scratches) 3. How I'm producing
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Making Airships: Conquer the Skies with David Stark

Welcome to Make the Game – my name is Matt Hackett; thanks so much for being here. We are now 10 episodes in and that seems like a good time to start Season 2, where the theme is: FOOD! 💡To celebrate,