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How many times should people hear your podcast ad? YouTube to be at The Podcast Show; and Spotify's price paid for Podsights and Chartable
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  • How many times should someone hear your ad on a podcast? Between 2-5 times, says a new Podcast Advertising Benchmark Report, published by Spotify’s Podsights. The data also says that brands should aim for at least 200,000 impressions when advertising on podcasts.

  • Want more people to know about your podcast? Pocket Casts sends out a regular newsletter to podcast creators, highlighting how to get featured in the popular podcast app. Here’s the latest edition, and here’s where to sign up for it. The company was bought by Automattic last year, and say they are “working on a rather large update at the moment”.

  • It’s less than a month to go until The Podcast Show 2022 in London, on May 25-26. The website currently lists 196 speakers (more on the way). Speaking to the Podland podcast yesterday, Tom Billington said that YouTube will be a partner at the event, sponsoring the “Talking Podcasts” stages. YouTube say it will “facilitate conversations with Podcasters who have found success on YouTube, while also leaning on other platform experts to help delegates understand best practices and the various podcast trends emerging on and off-YouTube.”

    • As we’re a media partner, you can use promo code PODNEWS to save 20% off day tickets for a limited time. Prices increase on May 3.
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Sexy new episodes of Private Parts Unknown 💋 — Pop in those earbuds and check out Private Parts Unknown, a comedy-sex-travel podcast exploring love and sexuality around the world... with episodes from Finland, Mexico, Japan, and more!

Subscribe to Age of Aquarius — Welcome to the future! Take a cosmic ride with astrologers, futurists, scientists, artists, mystics, teachers, and other truth seekers to explore the Age of Aquarius. Hosted by Jacy Nova!

Podcast Hosting starting at $9 — The Podcaster's Utopia. I mean, seriously. Disctopia offers podcasters the most features and flexibility of any podcast hosting platform.

LAUNCH a NEW SHOW at PODFEST! — Podfest Expo will be working with the Podcast Editor Academy to match brands and creatives with editors on-site in real-time to launch and create new and exciting shows. Join us May 26-29th, 2022.

Co-host: True Crime/History — Kast Media is looking for an experienced, friendly, and collaborative individual to join our team as a co-host on our newest project! A background in audio hosting/video production is required.

Join the Radio Ambulante Fest — An entirely virtual event, from April 20 to May 5, featuring prominent figures in audio storytelling from the United States and Latin America. Guests include Ira Glass, Rita Indiana, and John Green.

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Charlie Gibson is returning to ABC News to launch The Book Case, a podcast about books. He was an anchor for Good Morning America and ABC World News; he’ll co-present with Kate Gibson, his daughter.

Tips and tricks - with SoundStack

SoundStackSoundStack, an innovative audio-as-a-service (AaaS) company, simplifies audio creation, monetization and distribution at scale. Talk to an expert.

Podcast News - with Acast

AcastAcast makes it super easy for podcasters of all sizes to start, grow and make money from their show, across every listening app. With 40,000 podcasts and growing, join the network that’s For The Stories.

Kasich & KlepperFrom Acast: Kasich & Klepper features two rather different people - John Kasich, former Governor of Ohio and 2016 Republican presidential candidate; and Jordan Klepper, a liberal comedian best known for his viral videos interviewing MAGA supporters for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. In this weekly talk show podcast, the pair will come together to scream their differing political opinions at each other for an hour… just kidding. They’ll dive into conversations about parenting, leadership, pop culture, mental health, and more — all with a good sense of humor and a whole lot of jokes at each other’s expense.

Pod ChatPod Chat this week has special guest Bryan Barletta from Sounds Profitable. He thinks podcasters are our own worst enemy at monetisation: “I think that the closer you are to the podcast space, the more you hear negatives about ads and about the industry. But I think the general public understands that ads are how things go around.”

The Daily AusARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia has partnered with The Daily Aus, a fast-growing news outlet for millennials. Bringing stories that matter for young Aussies, ARN will help them reach a wider audience.


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