Girls' Night In - issue #267: seeking small comforts

Issue #267 - May 6, 2022
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A cozy dose of comfort for your inbox. A weekly newsletter with musings on and recommendations for downtime.

Reading = happy place. Art by Carolyn Yoo, GNI's Artist in Residence.

Good morning!

Welp. To add more on top of an already rough week, my family and I are all extremely under the weather this week, so this newsletter was eked out in between bursts of long naps on the couch, popping Advil, reading A Court of Thorns and Roses (yes, still! I am a slow reader!), and watching Gilmore Girls episodes for some comfort.

Hope you’re able to enjoy a bright and happy weekend, despite the heavy news week. (Read on to see how you can help.)

—Alisha Ramos (@alisharamos)

P.S. Thanks for all your notes on your morning routines in response to last week’s newsletter. I am overwhelmed! You’re the best! Can’t wait to share them with you.

This Week's Recommendations

  1. Chugging tons of water thanks to these silicone, reusable straws.
  2. Adopting a new habit: cleaning and organizing the fridge before a grocery run. Cannot recommend enough the sense of calm and order that comes with a neat and spotless fridge. Ahh, heaven. Next, these stackable bins spotted in this video of Priya Krishna’s fridge makeover might do the trick.

  3. Dame believes that sexual wellness is an important part of your holistic self care routine. That's why they've made it easy (and fun) to get intimate with some of the best-looking and bestselling vibes around. Discover your pleasure with code “GNI” to get 15% off your first order Sponsor 
  4. Getting ready for comfy, outdoorsy summer nights with this adorable loveseat + set of chairs + this pillow from Target after reading about all the outdoor furniture that’s selling out fast. Now, to find an inexpensive outdoor coffee table…

  5. Drizzling this blueberry syrup (recipe by Genevieve Ko for the NYT) on everything. SO easy and only requires blueberries, a lemon, and maple syrup. Gloop this on top of a waffle with some cottage cheese as a little pick-me-up (hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it!).

  6. Admiring these Graf Lantz coasters we bought to protect the new coffee table. The merino wool material is hyper-absorbant, and their saturated color options look striking in person. 

  7. Thinking about trying something new: I’m not a cashew milk gal, but this genius cashew milk “concentrate” that makes 7 quarts of milk (just add water) has me wanting to test it out...

  8. Listening to “The Cult of Elon Musk” episode on the “Sounds Like A Cult” podcast to cope with the whole “welp, he bought Twitter” thing. The pod is a fun and easy listen, and is co-hosted by past GNI guest editor Amanda Montell.

  9. Composting with the help of this this bamboo cutie we keep by the kitchen sink, plus a large outdoor compost bin. (Tip: Check to see if your local government/county will send you a free outdoor compost bin. I had no idea this was even an option!) If you don’t have space outdoors for composting, you could consider a local compost pickup option, like Compost Crew for all you DC, MD, and VA residents. (I love this line from their blog: “Finished compost has the smell of the forest floor after a rain.” Ahhh.)

  10. Placing this book, Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change by Angela Garbes, on my TBR list (it’s out on May 10th). It’s “a reflection on the state of caregiving in America, and an exploration of mothering as a means of social change,” which feels like a much needed analysis right now. (There's also a remote-friendly event with the author via Books Are Magic on May 10th.)

This week's Sponsor:

Find your vibe and ritualize your wellness with Dame.

May is a month of many ~hot and enlivening~ things: summer travel, fun wedding parties, and dopamine-dressing with all the bright colors in our closet. May also happens to be Masturbation Month, perhaps the hottest happening of all. ;) Lucky for us, Dame—a women-powered sexual wellness company—is here as our go-to resource to practice self pleasure this month and beyond. Dame also designs beautiful products, spaces, and resources for intimacy.

The great news is that there are so many reasons to get, well, excited. Did you know? There are lots of health and wellness benefits to self pleasure such as...
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress and
  • Increased concentration and focus
Try one of Dame’s bestselling vibrators, such as the powerful, yet comfortable Pom, or the Aer—the suction toy that’s sold out twice since launch and has been described by customers as “[a vibrator] that brought me to heights I didn't think were possible.”

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This Week's Reads

😍Tulip fields in Norfolk, via @matildagoad.
  1. How to tell a captivating story — from a wedding toast to a job interview. Loved this! “Big decisions are a good place to find stories; so are embarrassing moments and mistakes.” (NPR Life Kit)

  2. On how inhospitable the fitness industry can be to beginner exercisers. (The Atlantic)

  3. As of this writing (Tuesday), the Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe vs. Wade, according to Politico. This tweet says exactly everything that needs to be said in this moment. If you would like to take action, here are some ideas from The Cut, including donating to an abortion fund. Also see: this comprehensive Google Doc on how to show up, created by activist Alison Turkos.

  4. What counts as "work clothes" anymore, anyway? Would you embrace “power casual?” (The New York Times gift link)

  5. Thrifting Apps Like Poshmark Are a Window Into a Woman-Run Retail World. Where “hey girly!” vibes abound. (Glamour)

  6. Last week was Infertility Awareness Week. Read this moving piece on one woman’s infertility journey. (A Cup of Jo)

  7. “Everybody broke up in the pandemic, and all they want is one-bedrooms.” (Curbed)

  8. Ending on a bright note: books as wedding favors = GENIUS. (The New York Times gift link)

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