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Monday, May 16, 2022

 -Elise Stefanik spokesman, lying about calling her opponents pedophiles

A neo-Nazi indoctrinated with Republican conspiracy theories about immigration murdered 10 people with an assault rifle Saturday at a grocery store in a black neighborhood in Buffalo, NY.

  • The mass killer, Payton Gendron, live streamed his massacre on the platform Twitch, which quickly and indefinitely suspended his account and has, along with other major social outlets, removed copies of the video from its platform. Gendron is 18 years old, and an avowed antisemite. He wrote a 180 page manifesto before his killing spree, which endorses the same so-called “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory that has gained mainstream acceptance within the GOP. 
  • “Great Replacement” describes the right-wing lie that a cabal of elites (usually Jewish elites, in their telling) has orchestrated a plot to increase the non-white immigrant population and use it to “replace” white Americans. Though once a fringe idea associated with neo-Nazis, extremely prominent Republicans, including party leaders and Tucker Carlson, the most widely watched Fox News host, have adopted it in recent months—a time period that coincides with a number of mass shootings by right-wing killers who believe the conspiracy theory is true. 
  • The 13 victims, including three survivors, ranged in age from 20 to 86; 11 of them, including one of the survivors, were black; two white victims survived the shooting. Buffalo police say they have evidence suggesting Gendron planned to continue his massacre, targeting more black people, had he managed to escape the grocery store before being captured. His mass killing is also under investigation as a federal hate crime.

Now about the Republican connection, and making sure people know about it.

  • Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (who represents New York and will travel to Buffalo with President Biden this week) condemned Carlson, Fox News, and “MAGA Republicans” on the Senate floor for giving the Great Replacement libel “legitimacy.” Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) alluded to the fact that one of the promoters of Great Replacement theory, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), is a member of GOP leadership: “The House GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism,” she asserted, correctly.
  • But there’s much more work to be done. The fascist movement that endorses replacement theory, and believes it can benefit politically from spreading it, now controls the GOP. And so far they don’t seem too cowed by their obvious connection to the Buffalo massacre. Stefanik issued a joint statement with her senior adviser, in which he defended her replacement theory propaganda. State-Sen. Wendy Rogers (R-AZ), an influential fascist who’s a good barometer for beyond-the-pale ideas that quickly go mainstream within the GOP has already suggested that the mass shooting was a false-flag operation run by the federal government. 
It may feel impolite or seem counterproductive to describe specific elected Republicans and their movement as fascist. But the time has come. Their agitprop has been getting people killed for years now, but we’re suddenly just six months from an election where they, and the ideology they share with Payton Gendron, are poised to take over the Congress.
Lovett or Leave It is up past our bedtime at the ‘ol Hollywood Improv. A super chill GOP congresswoman (Atsuko Okatsuka) thinks we should all calm down about this leaked opinion. Jason Concepcion swings on by like Spider-Man to decide which hero is the most super of all. Lovett and Erin Ryan go house hunting based on real estate prices and… other factors. What will they pick!? The answer may surprise you. But wanna know what’s really surprising? The too hot takes Jon, Atsuko, Jason, and Erin find themselves forced to defend.


Omnibus Russia-invasion-of-Ukraine update:

The Supreme Court’s Republican justices are still up to no good, even when the issues aren’t as salient as reproductive rights. On Monday, all six of those justices did a favor for their friend Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and invalidated (on dubious first amendment grounds) a federal anti-corruption law limiting the amount of campaign debt winning candidates can pay off with money they raise after they win election. Cruz filed the suit (instead of using his power as a senator to try to change the law), but it will also benefit people like Donald Trump, who loaned his own campaign $50 million, and can now reimburse himself with what are effectively bribes. At the same, five of them ruled against a Georgia man who’s lived in the U.S. for decades, but now faces deportation because he checked the wrong box on his driver’s license application. Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the dissent for himself and the court’s three remaining liberals, but the controlling opinion will effectively shut federal courts out of factual disputes in immigration cases, leaving immigrants with no recourse even when the bureaucracy makes a mistake.   

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The Biden administration has unveiled a major new plan to reduce housing costs and close the housing-supply gap.  

Omicron breakthrough infections may provide a huge immune boost against all COVID-19 variants in vaccinated people.

A federal judge—a Trump judge, in fact!—has blocked enforcement of most of Alabama’s new Republican law banning gender-affirming health care for minors. 

Abbott Nutrition has reached an agreement with the government to reopen the infant formula plant that led to a nationwide formula shortage when it had to be closed due to contamination

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