6 things I *really really* like about ConvertKit

I've tried every email sending company out there for my own businesses or for clients.....and I'm going to show you my #1 pick of them all.

I've personally used:
Aweber (7 years)
Klaviyo (7 years)
MailChimp (3 years)
InfusionSoft (5 years)
ConvertKit (currently)

Here's what I personally have found from going through all these services:

The big features aren't important as the little features.

The big stuff is almost all the same. Sending broadcasts, autoresponders, tagging. Every email service has this.

However it's the little things are important: How the editor works, editing images, being able to capture emails easily etc....

Here's the top things I've enjoyed about ConvertKit.

Watch this on YouTube:

Listen to this on Podcast:

#1.) Easily write in the editor

This is such a big problem with most companies. The editor is often clunky and frustrating to write in.

In ConvertKit you write, and that's what it puts out.

#2.) Edit Images on the spot.

Doing small edits to images is one of the most time consuming things I do (and for people who aren't good at this, often impossible).

For example, here's an image of an old advertisement I used in an email:

But I want to make it more informative by marking up the image...

With ConvertKit directly from the email editor I can do this:

This normally used to take many steps of importing/exporting the photo from Photoshop or another program like Canva. With ConvertKit I never left my email editor!

#3.) Autoresponder just click through and edit.

In the past my autoresponders looked like this:


Let's zoom in and look at this:

To make an autoresponder I would have to:

  • Create and apply tagging rules
  • Create a timer & rules for each individual email
  • Link each email to the next
  • Open new windows to edit an email
  • Layout the emails so they fit on the screen
  • View individual reports for each email

This was an utter disaster, and made wrangling my autoresponders super difficult.

ConvertKit solved this by making a brain-dead-simple layout like this:

Just click the email you want to edit....and edit right there on the spot.

I also HATED the reporting on other autoresponders. You had to click through each email one-by-one....but autoresponders are meant to be viewed as a sequence, not individually.

That's why when I saw ConvertKit displays simple reporting like this I rejoiced:

These might be very simple things, but to anyone who's living is made with emails, these things are huge deals.


#4.) Accept purchases for products

I do consulting and sometimes accept random payments for sponsorships. Instead of invoicing software, I'll just create a product in ConvertKit, add the price, and send that link to the client, like this:

BAM. I just accepted payments.

It's little things like this that SHOULD be simple that I like.

#5.) Capture emails and grow list

Ugh, another bane of my existence is having multiple services to do email collection and email sending. Why are they not the same?

With ConvertKit I put this simple email signup form on CopywritingCourse.com/newsletter

In the past few weeks here's the performance of that box:

This means ~15% of the people that landed on that link entered their email address, and I picked up ~1,200 new subscribers from that.

Since I use ConvertKit for email collection AND sending, I set this form to start new signups on the autoresponder I mentioned above.

#6.) Send content upgrades in one

Sending a "Content Upgrade" is when someone signups for your email, and you send them a file:

This feature was nearly impossible with InfusionSoft, and required 10+ clicks and settings.

In fact I had to use LeadPages to handle this functionality.

However ConvertKit just let's you push people to a different page after they signup, or send them a message via email with the link:

Once again, this seems like such a small thing, but in practice is so difficult with many email services. So now I could send people relevant content downloads extremely simply, which massively boosted conversion rates!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post on the primary features that make me love ConvertKit.

Neville Medhora

P.S. I made this whole email inside ConvertKit, including all the images.

P.P.S. If you are looking for an email editor, try out ConvertKit's free trial!

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