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So, I've rolled out a referral program. 💌

It's fairly straightforward:

1. You bring me subscribers

2. I reward you with cool shit

Here's your referral link 👇🏾

Try not to lose it.

5 referrals win you a book signed by moi.

10 referrals win you a badass brass memento.

25 referrals win you a subscription to Chasing Hemingway.

And so on. 


While Sticky Notes has been one of the best decisions I've ever made, growing it as of late has felt like solving a Rubik's cube with my toes, blindfolded, in the backseat of a Dune Buggy going 90 mph in the Mojave desert. 

It hasn't always been this way. 0 subscribers to 10,000 subscribers happened in the blink of an eye. But, after this, it's been a slow, painful, weekly slug to 11,000, 12,000, 13,000 and so on.

I think there is a metaphor in there somewhere for life. 

I've always dreamed of Sticky Notes one day becoming a 100,000 subscriber email list. But, currently, it sits at 18,600 subscribers and I think it will dip below 15,000 after I do a good, elbow-greased Spring cleaning to my email list here over the next week or so. 

I've been doing this for long enough and have read enough newsletters circulating around the web to know that Sticky Notes is special and, if it doesn't sound too arrogant in saying, I think the writer writing it has something special about him too. 

There are other writers who are far more talented than me. But, I have yet to find any writers approaching their craft from the same direction I'm approaching mine and with the same level of candor and conviction. 

I'm no Michael Jordan. But, I'd like to think I'm something akin to Dennis Rodman. Messy. Flamboyant. Gritty. Tenacious. I'm that goddamn hideous roll of duct tape in your garage that somehow always manages to get the job done.

I think this is one of the many unspoken lessons I'm trying to pass along to my readers through my work.

That you don't have to be the best. That you just have to be different from the rest; and have enough dog in you to keep showing up until something happens.

Some days, many days, I still feel like I'm waiting for something to happen. 

Sticky Notes is approaching its fifth year of existence and with it, its 500th newsletter. Readers who've been with me since the beginning have watched a twenty-year-old kid with a serious chip on his shoulder go from tearing out carpet while peddling words in the evening hours to strong-arming his way into making it as a writer. 

You've seen me through two break-ups. Three moves. Dozens of failures. You've seen me in moments where I've been a little too big for my britches and in moments where I haven't been nearly big enough.

You've seen me buy my first house, adopt my first dog and put to rest a 1989 Range Rover that still haunts me to this day. You've seen me write not one, not two but three books of poetry and prose.

And, I guess what I'm trying to say, is that all a writer could ever hope for is folks like you who pick up once a week to hear what he has to say. Without readers like you, I'd still show up each day to write. But, I must admit, that it wouldn't be nearly as fun.

Writing to you each week has been one of the many joys of my life. 

All that to say, over the next year or so, I'm planning on doubling down on growing this newsletter. But, I'm trying to grow in a way that feels authentic to me, to you and what we've created here.

Paid advertising in the pockets of a giant corporation where my ad spend wouldn't even be so much as a rounding error on their balance sheet, doesn't feel like the way I want to grow Sticky Notes

So, instead, I'm just going to ask readers like you –– readers who've been reading me for years –– to share Sticky Notes with people who you think would like it. You do this and I'm going to try and say "thank you" in ways that feel really special. 

On the days when a newsletter feels like something worth sharing, forward it to your friends and colleagues and ask them to subscribe at your referral link:

I'll take care of the rest. 



P.S. At the bottoms of my emails, moving forward, lookout for a small section that tracks your referrals in real-time. 
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