Google Pixel 6a Review: Serious Bang For Your Buck

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July 22, 2022

Google has been on a predictable path for the past few years. First, it would release a pretty great, if not quite flagship, “high-end” phone in the Pixel line. Then some months later, it’d pare back a few features from that phone to make a budget-friendly “A series.” And we’ve always loved the A series, frequently giving them 9 out of 10 scores, as with the Pixel 5a.

But the Pixel 6 and 6 pro phones have been filled with bugs and plagued by a slow fingerprint reader. Can the Pixel 6a right that ship? Well, Cory spent some time with it and came away impressed. Um. Mostly. Hit up the top story for more details.

Other Highlights:

  • Do you want to edit videos on your iPhone or iPad? We put together the best apps to get the job done.
  • Windows 11 taskbar is getting a useful upgrade. Not the one we wanted, but still useful.
  • Elon Musk says full self-driving is finally coming to Teslas┬áthis year. Sure. Yeah. We believe it.
  • …and more!


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TODAY'S TOP STORY Google Pixel 6a Review: Serious Bang For Your Buck

The Pixel A-series is back, and Google has another winner on its hands. The new Google Pixel 6a is arguable the best bang for your buck and easy to recommend. If you’re on a budget, buy this phone. However, I also have mixed feelings, mainly because Google’s regular Pixel 6 is already so affordable. Read More »

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad of 2022

Creating high-quality videos no longer requires a high-end computer, expensive software, and years of editorial training. Today, anyone can make pro-level video content with the device they carry around in their pocket. If you’re reading this on an iPhone or an iPad, these apps might be just what you’re looking for. Read More »

Review Geek Is Hiring a Full-Time Associate Editor

Are you an experienced technology editor and writer who would be comfortable working in a fast-paced, remote environment, managing a group of freelance writers to help ensure that we deliver the highest quality content? This might be the job for you! Read More »

Elon Musk Hints “Full Self-Driving” Is Coming “This” Year

Tesla first started testing its Full Self-Driving software in 2020, giving select owners an option to upgrade to the service, and now we’ve learned those vehicles have traveled over 35 million miles in under two years. Furthermore, this data has given CEO Elon Musk confidence the company can “solve full self-driving this year.” Read More »

Mobvoi Teases the First Smartwatch with a Snapdragon W5+ Chipset

Mobvoi confirms that its next-gen smartwatch, likely the TicWatch Pro 4, will run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 chipset. It’s the first wearable device to use the new Qualcomm SoC, which promises massive battery gains and twice the performance of the previous Snapdragon Wear 4100+. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE This Yeti Cooler Is Perfect for Staycations and Vacations
This Yeti Cooler Is Perfect for Staycations and Vacations

Summer is in full swing, and even quickly coming to a close soon. If you haven’t squeezed a vacation or even just a staycation in yet, you probably should soon. But whether it’s camping, a fishing trip, or just a night in the backyard, you’ll want cool drinks and food for a hot day.

The Yeti Tundra is perfect that. It’ll keep your perishables cold for the better part of a day, but it’s not so bulky you won’t want to bring it with you. If you’re really adventurous, you can even stick it in an innertube and take it kayaking. if you want.

Windows 11’s Taskbar Is About to Get Better for Power Users

The latest Windows 11 preview and Insider Build will deliver an improved nearby sharing mode and a revamped taskbar overflow menu that are perfect for power users. Now, when you’re running out of taskbar space, there’s a new “overflow” option for easy access. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Can You Still Buy a “Dumb” TV?

Buying a new TV is a trap. You’re forced to pick between thousands of different smart TVs, and they all have the same problems—they spy on you, shove ads down your throat, and run slower than a snail in a pile of boogers. But there’s one way to escape this trap; buy a “dumb” TV. Read More »

Android Audio Switching Aims to Solve Bluetooth’s Biggest Problem

I’ve spent a lot of time complaining about Bluetooth, but my biggest gripe is the pairing process. Trying to switch a pair of earbuds from a phone to a tablet is a┬ámassive undertaking—it’s easier to just buy a dedicated pair of earbuds for each device. But Google aims to solve this problem with its new Audio Switching feature. Read More »

Plex Gets a Huge Update for Users with Multiple Servers

A new Plex feature syncs watch states and ratings across multiple servers. If you own more than one Plex server (or log in to a friend’s server), any movies or shows you complete will gain a “watched” marker across all your libraries. Read More »

Baidu’s New Robotaxi Ditched the Steering Wheel for a Vending Machine

Baidu, the Chinese tech giant and search engine company, recently debuted its latest all-electric self-driving Robotaxi, and it’s rather impressive. The new 6th generation Apollo RT6 EV is so advanced it ditched the steering wheel for a vending machine or coffee maker. Read More »


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(Update: Reinstated) Office Rolls Back a Major Security Feature

Security advocates got a major win in February, when Microsoft announced that Office applications would finally block VBA macros by default. But Microsoft is backtracking. The VBA macros block, which was initially slated for June of 2022, no longer has a release date. Read More »




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Macs are well-known for being easy to use, but they also have a lot of great features hiding just below the surface that many people never notice. Whether you’re a Mac newbie or a Mac veteran, here are ten great features that you should be using. Read More »


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