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July 26, 2022

Google Maps is great, but when it comes to getting real-time information about traffic and road conditions, Waze is the best. That’s because Waze is a crowd-sourced map and navigation app unlike anything else.

Imagine getting an early alert about a hazard on the road, a speed trap ahead, or being rerouted to avoid a 2-hour traffic jam due to road closure or construction. That’s the power of Waze, and our top story goes over why I left Google Maps for Waze.

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TODAY'S TOP STORY Why I Left Google Maps For Waze

When it comes to maps and navigation, you probably want something that gets you from point A to B as quickly as possible and avoids traffic, police, or accidents. And while there are many options available, I switched from Google Maps to Waze this year, and I’m not switching back. Read More »

Wyze Scale X Review: a Feature Packed Smart Scale

The weight loss world can be confusing with all the fad diets and weird exercise equipment on the market. However, by accurately tracking your progress, a smart scale could take a bit of weight off your mind as you attempt to take some weight off your body. Read More »

The Ultimate Gaming Phone Is Almost Here

The REDMAGIC 7S Pro lands next week, ushering in a new generation of mobile gaming performance. It's loaded with premium specs, like the blazing-fast Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, dedicated REDMAGIC Red Core 1 gaming chip, advanced 10-layer cooling system, substantial 5,000 mAh battery, 520 Hz shoulder triggers, and more. It will come in three configurations: the transparent black Supernova, first-ever transparent silver Mercury (18 GB of RAM + 512 GB of storage), and solid black Obsidian (12 GB of RAM + 256 GB of storage). For early-bird pricing details, check out the official REDMAGIC 7S Pro webpage.

Turn Yourself Into a Real LEGO with the Official Minifigure Factory

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a LEGO minifig, it’s time to pull out your credit card. The LEGO website now features a Minifigure Factory that lets you customize and order a LEGO minifig for just $12. It’s still in beta, but it’s already a load of fun. Read More »

Anker’s New GaNPrime Chargers Come In Some Wild Form Factors

As if crazy-fast charging wasn’t enough, Anker’s new line of GaN charges come in some of the most bizarre form factors imaginable. And I mean that in a good way—if you’ve ever wanted a wall wart that turns into a portable battery, you’ll go crazy for this stuff. Read More »

NFL+ Leaves Your TV Out of Its Streaming Service

Earlier this year, we reported on the NFL’s plans to eliminate its free out-of-market and primetime streaming options on Yahoo! Sports and other apps and replace them with a paid service. Today, the “Shield” officially announced and launched NFL+, its first streaming service. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Keep Out the Heat With This Adhesive Door Draft Stopper
Keep Out the Heat With This Adhesive Door Draft Stopper

Is there a giant gap at the bottom of your door? Yeah, maybe it’s time to cover that up. This affordable draft stopper takes seconds to install thanks to an adhesive design, and it will easily keep the nasty heat (and bugs) out of your home.

You can even use this draft stopper on bedroom or bathroom doors. Want to save electricity in the winter? Install one in your bedroom to keep the heat from escaping!

It’s Not Just You: The Xbox Series X/S Are Booting Way Faster

Several members of the Xbox Insider test program have noticed significantly faster boot-up times on the Xbox Series X and S, and now, a Microsoft employee has confirmed the change. The company cut the start time by more than half, letting gamers get into the action faster than ever. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT What to Look For in a Chromebook

If you’re after a simple device that can browse the internet and run basic programs, a Chromebook is the perfect option! Lightweight and budget-friendly, Chromebooks are fantastic for students and frequent travelers. But how do you narrow it down from the plethora of choices? Read More »

Samsung’s Upcoming Foldables Could Get a Flippin’ Price Hike

Samsung will reveal the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 smartphones in just two weeks. But customers hoping for a deal may be disappointed—new leaks indicate that these phones are more expensive than their predecessors. Read More »

Google Play Store Offers 10x the Rewards Points for Its Anniversary

Exactly one decade ago, Google transformed its Android Market into the modern Play Store. And to celebrate this anniversary, Google is offering 10x the Play Points rewards for all purchases. The company is also updating Play Store’s logo, which now matches the color scheme of other Google app logos. Read More »

Google Disabled a Big Pixel Camera Feature Without Telling Anyone

Google’s Pixel phones have some amazing camera features, and for the last several years, “Frequent Faces” has been one of our favorites. However, we recently learned that Google quietly disabled it despite still being highlighted as a feature on phones, including the new Pixel 6a. Read More »


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July has been a big month for Netflix. As the end of the month nears, there are a few more releases for subscribers to watch. Read More »


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