YCombinator's new CEO 👨🏻, iPhone 14 satellite connectivity 📱, reverse engineering Stable Diffusion prompts 👨‍💻

Garry Tan will become president and CEO of Y Combinator next year. 

Daily Update 2022-08-30

Building a code search tool? Keep 3 things in mind, says Sourcegraph (Sponsor)

Devs love building tools for devs. So when your codebase grows and you want to implement code search, you might be inclined to build it yourself.

The developers at Sourcegraph built a universal code search as a feature in their platform, and they have some tips to share. They suggest 3 questions you should ask yourself before deciding to build code search in-house. Read the guide right here.


Big Tech & Startups

Garry Tan is the next president and CEO of Y Combinator (3 minute read)

Garry Tan will become president and CEO of Y Combinator next year. Tan will continue to serve as founder and partner at Initialized until the transition takes place, after which he will become a strategic advisor to the firm. Jen Wolf and Brett Gibson have been appointed as managing partners at Initialized in anticipation of the change. Tan has previously served as a partner at YC, where he advised and funded 700 companies and more than a thousand founders.
Kuo: Apple Has Completed Hardware Tests for iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity, But Launch Depends on Partners (1 minute read)

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the iPhone 14 will have satellite hardware, but support for satellite communications depends on agreements between Apple and operators. Satellite connectivity will only be able to be used for emergency texting and voice services. Apple is most likely to partner with Globalstar for the feature. T-Mobile and SpaceX recently announced a plan to provide a satellite-to-cellular service in 2023.

Science & Futuristic Technology

These glasses help you see and hear better (4 minute read)

Oculaudio's glasses can help people with hearing impairments hear voices better in loud rooms. The glasses feature 16 microphones and a camera to help distinguish where speech is coming from. They can enter sleep mode when the user doesn't need sound. The glasses come with an app that can be used to make adjustments. Oculaudio plans to put its first designer pair of hearing aid glasses on the market soon.
'Synthetic milk' made without cows may be coming to supermarket shelves near you (3 minute read)

Synthetic milk is milk produced without cows or other animals. It is grown using an emerging biotechnology technique known as precision fermentation. The technique creates milk with the same taste, look, and feel as normal dairy milk without methane emissions or animal welfare concerns. The precision fermentation industry is predicted to create more than 700,000 jobs in the US by 2030.

Programming, Design & Data Science

Rematch (Website)

Rematch is a state management tool supported by a healthy middleware ecosystem and excellent devtools. It provides Redux best practices without the boilerplate. Rematch is less than 2kb and it supports built-in side-effects, TypeScript, hot-reloading, plugins, and much more.
sd-enable-textual-inversion (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains files that enable textual inversion in the Web UI for Stable Diffusion. Textual inversion allows users to reference specific things or concepts in their prompts. The model works by learning to describe pictures in a way that can be understood by text-to-image models. Examples of images generated using textual inversion are available.
How DEVCOM Uses InfluxDB to Analyze Sensor Data in Uncertain Network Conditions (Sponsor)

CPU efficiency is key when working in the field, as is seamless data replication between edge and cloud systems. DEVCOM, a U.S. Army research unit, achieves this by using InfluxDB in both field (IoT) and lab (cloud) to monitor power meters, collect environmental data, and analyze sensor array signals. Read the blog post to learn more about DEVCOM’s use cases and data architecture


NASA scrubs first SLS launch attempt due to engine issue (3 minute read)

NASA has canceled its first attempt to launch the Space Launch System rocket. The next available launch window is on September 2. The launch was canceled due to an engine bleed issue that meant that one of its four main engines couldn't be properly chilled ahead of ignition. The launch attempt may be pushed back until at least October if there is work required on one of the engines.
Sony’s new PlayStation Studios Mobile team is making spinoff games for your phone (3 minute read)

Sony has formed a PlayStation Studios Mobile Division that will operate separately from its console game department and create mobile games with new and existing PlayStation IP. The company announced earlier this year that it wants half of its games to be on PC and mobile by 2025. It is also looking to expand into live service games through its acquisition of Bungie. Sony recently acquired Savage Game Studios, which is currently working on a new AAA live service action game.

Hey guys, I accidentally broke a couple of links in yesterday's newsletter, here are the correct ones:

Ask HN: Contractors, what is your hourly rate? (Hacker News Thread)

Ask HN: Boring but important tech no one is working on? (Hacker News Thread)

Quick Links

Warp is a fast Rust-based terminal that works like a modern app (Sponsor)

Your terminal shouldn't feel like it's from 1978. Warp is a [bash|zsh|fish]-compatible terminal with a real editor, output blocks, and codex command search.
Inverno (Website)

Inverno is a Java framework for building modern, fast, and modular applications.
How to terraform Mars for $10b in 10 years (11 minute read)

This article, which discusses theoretical methods for terraforming Mars, is part of a series on common misconceptions in space journalism.
Musk subpoenas Twitter whistleblower, hoping to prove company lied about spam (4 minute read)

Peiter Zatko worked at Twitter between November 2020 and January 2022 as a network security expert.
Finally, an underwater messaging app (3 minute read)

Researchers at the University of Washington have created an underwater communication app that uses sonic signals to pass messages to other devices.
Devops: An Idea so Good, No One Admits They Don’t Do It (3 minute read)

Most companies are unwilling to invest in changing their ways or aren't convinced that some of the scarier ideas in DevOps will help.
Lost Pixel (GitHub Repo)

Lost Pixel is an open source visual regression testing tool.

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