Employer health coverage ruling - Russia seeks N Korean arms - Prehistoric surgery

Extremism in public servants • California heat wave • Employer health insurance ruling • Russia-North Korea arms deal • Prehistoric surgery •
8 SEP 2022
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California heat wave • Employer health insurance ruling • Extremism in public servants • Russia seeks North Korean arms • Prehistoric surgery

Nuclear disarmament model • Longtermism in philanthropy • WWII and geopolitics

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#1 in U.S. News • 58 articles
How has California's energy grid been impacted by a recent heatwave?
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  1. Highly-rated - last 48 hrs
    California narrowly averts an electricity crisis amid scorching heat. [Read free here]
    New York Times (Moderate Left) • Factual Grade 85% • 7 min read

    After a scorching Labor Day weekend, temperatures soared even higher on Tuesday. About 42 million Americans were under excessive heat warnings, including those in parts of Nevada and Arizona, with red-flag fire conditions covering the Pacific Northwest, Montana and Idaho. [San Francisco Bay Area] trains operated at reduced speeds because of the potential for heat-warped tracks to cause derailments.
    By midafternoon, the state had broken a record, set 16 years ago, for energy use. Throughout the day, officials pleaded for conservation. At 5:30 p.m., California ISO [which manages most of the state’s grid] issued its highest level of alert — the last precursor for blackouts, and a few cities cut power to some areas over the course of about an hour.
    Blackouts can have severe consequences for the most vulnerable, particularly older people who cannot handle high temperatures or who rely on lifesaving devices. And politically, outages have loomed perilously over California leaders ever since Gray Davis was recalled as governor in 2003.
  1. Different political viewpoint
    California Dems: buy EVs but don’t charge them.
    The Federalist (Right) • Factual Grade 71% • 4 min read
  1. Selected long-read
    How to create a more resilient power grid to avoid blackouts.
    The Hill (Center) • Factual Grade 72% • 5 min read

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#2 in U.S. News • 21 articles
Why did a judge rule against portions of Obamacare?

    [The plaintiffs] opposed a core feature of the ACA, often known as Obamacare, that requires private insurance plans pay for preventive health care in full. The plaintiffs disagreed with the groups that determine wh...

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Should employers have to provide coverage for drugs they oppose on religious grounds?

All votes are anonymous. This poll closes at: 9:00 PDT


Has the rise of vaping significantly impacted adolescents' health?

320 votes, 25 comments

Context: Juul reaches settlement with dozens of states over probe into company's marketing towards teens.


Yes - When I was a teen, cigarette smoking was largely frowned upon. As a high school teacher now, almost all of my students vape, and have been barraged with advertising claiming that it's better for their health than cigarettes. Add that to the fact that vaping comes in "fun" flavors like "cotton candy" and it doesn't smell as bad as cigarettes, so can be done discreetly almost anywhere, and you've got a new generation hooked on nicotine that may not have been otherwise.

Unsure - Although it does seem like there are some health effects, vaping simply hasn't been "around" l...

No - Vaping is significantly less harmful than...

#3 in U.S. News • 15 articles
What does a recent analysis indicate about extremism among public servants?

    Last year, a whistleblower group called Distributed Denial of Secrets published more than 38,000 names on the Oath Keepers' membership list - although experts estimate that the group's current active membership...

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#1 in World News • 20 articles
What does US intelligence indicate about Russia's potential arms imports?

    Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, the Pentagon press secretary, said that “the information that we have is that Russia has specifically asked for ammunition.” [Ryder] said he had no other details, including...

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#1 in Science News • 12 articles
How is a recent discovery challenging conceptions of ancient medical advancement?

    The findings, published in the journal Nature, are believed to be the earliest known complex amputation. Until now, the oldest evidence of ampu...

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NPR • Grade 89%

Nearly 8 million kids lost a parent or primary caregiver to the pandemic.

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Detroit News • Grade 79%

Judge sets up legal fight, issues permanent injunction blocking Michigan's abortion ban.

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