Russia mobilizes reserves - New York sues Trump - US ratifies climate treaty

Fed hikes rates • UK town's religious tensions • New York sues Trump • Russia mobilizes reserves • US ratifies climate treaty •
22 SEP 2022
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New York sues Trump • Fed hikes rates • Russia mobilizes reserves • UK town's religious tensions • US ratifies climate treaty

Plutonium fuel risks • The fentanyl Drug War • Schoolteacher pay revisited

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#1 in U.S. News • 72 articles
What does New York's civil suit against former President Trump allege?
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  1. Highly-rated - last 48 hrs
    Former President Trump accused of vast fraud in NY suit.
    Associated Press (Center) • Factual Grade 85% • 5 min read

    The state lawsuit is the culmination of the Democrat’s three-year civil investigation into Trump and the Trump Organization. Trump’s three eldest children were also named as defendants, along with two longtime executives. [The suit] details dozens of instances of alleged fraud, many involving claims made on annual financial statements that Trump would give to banks and business associates as he sought loans and deals.
    [Attorney General Letitia James] asked the court to ban Trump and his three eldest children from ever again running a company based in the state. She is also seeking payment of at least $250 million, which she said was the estimated worth of benefits derived from the alleged fraud.
    James said the investigation also uncovered evidence of potential criminal violations, but she was referring those to outside authorities. Manhattan's district attorney has been working with James’ office on a parallel criminal investigation. In a criminal case, prosecutors would have to prove Trump intended to break the law, which is not necessarily required in a civil case.
  1. Different political viewpoint
    New York AG Trump lawsuit a 'political hit job': former Attorney General Bill Barr.
    Fox News (Right) • Factual Grade 61% • 3 min read
  1. Selected long-read
    Why does New York’s criminal investigation of Donald Trump appear all but over?
    New Yorker (Left) • Factual Grade 77% • 5 min read

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#2 in U.S. News • 62 articles
Why is the Federal Reserve continuing to increase rates?

    The U.S. central bank hiked interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point and signaled that borrowing costs would keep rising this year. In a new set of projections, th...

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#1 in World News • 214 articles
How might Russia's latest actions impact the war in Ukraine?

    Putin [in a national address] stopped short of decreeing a full national mobilization, instead only drafting the army reserves, a move he said was “necess...

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Will the West’s military support of Ukraine lead to a nuclear war?

All votes are anonymous. This poll closes at: 9:00 PDT


Should screening for anxiety be a component of routine checkups?

341 votes, 46 comments

Context: Influential panel recommends adults under 65 get routinely screened for anxiety disorders.


Yes - We screen for physical health, why wouldn’t we also screen for mental health as well? After all, often mental health affects the physical, and treating that could fix a lot of issues. Even if we don’t have enough mental health professionals, we can at least give people the option of mental health apps and possibly medication to help them get started and decide if a therapist or psychiatrist is for them. After all, not screening isn’t going to make the issues go away, it’s simply leaving them untreated and allowing for possible negative repercussions down the road.

No - I would have said yes but I am concerned screening for anxiety will lead to prescri...

Unsure - I firmly believe we have a mental health crisis, have previously been diagnosed with depression + anxiety, and even came close to suicide once. Despite all that, I am unconvinced screening further is really the ...

#2 in World News • 20 articles
What caused religious tensions in the British town of Leicester?

    Eight of [the 18 people arrested after violence between Hindu and Muslim communities in Leicester over the weekend] were not from Leicestershire. Of these, five came from Birmingham, while...

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#1 in Science News • 16 articles
What will be the climate impact of the Senate's ratification of the Kigali amendment?

    By a vote of 69 to 27 the United States joined the 2016 Kigali Amendment, along with 137 other nations that have agreed to sharply reduce the production and us...

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