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Principles of Writing Automated Tests

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ISSUE 139  September 30th 2022




Welcome to the 139th issue!

Hope you had a nice week so far!

There's plenty of great news in this issue so I'll let you dive in directly.

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Happy testing! 🙂

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Exploratory Testing: The benefits of applying this process to my team

Last week, I featured a discussion about the dos and don'ts of exploratory testing. This week, I want to highlight Luísa Ribeiro Bezerra's insights into the impact of introducing exploratory testing in their team.  Permalink


No, QAs don’t like raising bugs

Based on his story and observations, Ștefan Toma describes what the tester's role and responsibilities are.

Furthermore, Venkat Ramakrishnan asks a question: What Is Your Testing Motivation?.  Permalink


On test engineer's maturity

Regardless of your role or experience in software testing, you might be wondering what exactly you should know at the current level. Luckily, Oleksandr Romanov thought about this and prepared a handy breakdown.  Permalink


Test Cases Prioritization For Regression Testing [Methods & Best Practices]

If you're not sure what type of test cases you should use for regression testing, Tejas Patel wrote a comprehensive guide that can help you decide.  Permalink


What is the future of Software Testing?

Good question! While it's not easy to predict what's coming up next for software testing, people shared some interesting ideas about the potential trends.  Permalink




Automation Won’t Magically Improve Software Quality

Patrick Ramser wrote a good article explaining the common misunderstanding of the purpose of test automation.

That's why it's important to mix Automation with a Human Touch as Markus Gärtner explains.  Permalink


Frontend testing for Craft CMS websites with Codeception and Cypress

In this helpful guide, Piotr Pogorzelski demonstrates a practical example of using Cypress and Codeception to test websites.

Furthermore, Gleb Bahmutov uses Cypress to show how to Change E2E Tests From UI To API To App Actions.  Permalink


How Can Testers Contribute To Ensemble Programming Effectively

Venkat Ramakrishnan explains why it's important for testers and developers to pair and how to do it well.

In relation to that, Venkat also gives some advice on How Testers Should Approach TDD.  Permalink


Principles of Writing Automated Tests

This is a great, example-driven explanation of 16 principles for writing automated tests. Thanks, Andrey Enin.

On top of that, Giedrius Kristinaitis explains Why High Test Coverage Targets Are Evil and You Should Not Chase One.  Permalink


Write crystal clear automated test steps with the Actor Object Model

Sylvain Viole describes the Action Object Model and shows how it can simplify the implementation and bring clarity to your tests.

Also, Sumon Dey wrote a good article about When to use the Builder Design Pattern.  Permalink




Chrome Dev Tools Overview 2022

Alan Richardson put together a helpful overview of popular Chrome DevTools.

Inspired by Alan's article, Kristine Casas expressed her opinion about One of my best friends: Chrome DevTools.

Last but not least, Ioan Solderea shows how to Record tests in your Chrome Browser with Chrome Recorder.  Permalink


Parallelize Only Java Unit Tests with JUnit 5 and Maven

If you write tests in Java using JUnit 5, you may want to learn how to speed them up by using selective parallelization. Philip Riecks explains how.  Permalink


Selection Criteria of Test Framework

Andrey Enin lists out plenty of JavaScript test tools and advises how to evaluate the best one for your needs.

In relation to that, Carlos Balbuena wrote an inspiring article about The Lost Art of Experimentation in Software Engineering that may come in handy.  Permalink


WebDriver: Tracing the Interface WebDriver — Part 2

If you want to understand how WebDriver works under the hood, Ravisuriya Eshwara wrote a nice follow-up to the first part released earlier this year.  Permalink




Must be a tester... 🤣



Thanks for reading!

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