Shopify Dispatch Issue #367 - Acquisition vs loyalty

Shopify Dispatch

Issue #367 - October 5th, 2022

Acquisition vs loyalty

Kevin Hillstrom wrote a set of articles on acquisition-vs-loyalty that fit well together.

First, you need to figure out what mode your business is in. Based on your customer rebuy rates, you might be focused on the wrong things.

Second, are your products wanted, needed, and giving customers an emotional benefit? Your answers will tell you if you should lean more towards acquisition or loyalty programs.

Measure your customer loyalty

If you'd like to have your customers analyzed, segmented, and then explore specific advice on how to build their loyalty, Repeat Customer Insights can do all of that for you.

My articles this week

Customer loyalty goes both ways

Stop losing potential repeat customers after their first purchase

Wrapping up the 3rd quarter of a meh year

Time to wrap up the final holiday preparations

Eric Davis

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