🦄 ServiceUp: End-to-end car maintenance

ServiceUp offers end-to-end car services. Users can get a quote online for services such as brake, battery, or engine service, then have their car picked up and returned with the job completed. The company also offers services to businesses that manage fleets, such as catering, plumbing, and house cleaning services.
🦄 Unicorner Startup of the Week: ServiceUp
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We wanted to start off today's article by saying thank you. You may not realize it, but you opening this email and taking a moment to read it makes our day. We were reflecting not too long ago about LA Tech Week, and how awesome it was to run into several people who not only recognized Unicorner, but quickly pulled up their favorite company cover on their phones. It's truly magical stuff, straight out of unicorn land.
As part of our thanks, many of our future editor notes will be sharing projects and stories from readers. Today, we wanted to highlight BLCK UNICRN, a platform that helps emerging artists build episodic visual albums, immersive experiences, and fan-centric software. We met founder Joshua Blackwell—a current MBA student at UCLA—at our tech week panel.
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End-to-end car maintenance
ServiceUp offers end-to-end car services. Users can get a quote online for services such as brake, battery, or engine service, then have their car picked up and returned with the job completed. The company also offers services to businesses for employees and to businesses that manage fleets, such as catering, plumbing, and house cleaning services.
🔗 Check them out: www.serviceup.com/
💰 Business Model
Users can get a quote for the service they need through an online form. Businesses can contact the company directly.
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Raised $14.5 million Series A from Tiger Global Management, Hearst Ventures, and Chaos Ventures
  • Grown 20% MoM in 2022 and contains 150 repair shops in its network throughout the San Francisco Bay area, West Los Angeles, Denver, and Phoenix, according to Business Wire
  • Currently available to employees of Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple, Box, and more
👫 Founders
  • Brett Carlson, CEO: Previously Chief Business Officer @ Swim.it, Consultant @ Kinetica, sales @ Cloudera, Co-Founder @ Betyah
  • Brett Dashe, Head of Revenue: Currently Board Member @ Dash Data; Previously Director of Sales @ Snap-File, Senior Account Executive @ Box, HOD @ Vanderbilt
  • Javier Muniz, CTO: Currently Board Member @ Spatial Data Logic, Board Member @ MCCi, Managing Partner @ ZetaMinusOne; Previously SVP Engineering @ Crownpeak, CTO & Co-Founder @ Granicus, Tools Engineer @ Microsoft​
  • Jaclyn Imani: Currently Founder and CEO @ DriveNow; Previously Founder @ ServiceUp, President @ European Car Repair, Business Administration, Management and Operations @ Vanderbilt
💼 Opportunities
🔮 Our Analysis
Having a car serviced is rarely a pleasant experience. Typically, having maintenance done on a vehicle takes a lot of time and brings with it a common lack of trust with auto shops. By attempting to make the process of getting a quote quick and transparent, and by providing the service end-to-end, ServiceUp addresses the convenience aspect of maintenance. By working with perviously screened businesses in the area and by providing a 2-year, 24,000 mile warranty, ServiceUp is tackling the trust aspect. When it comes to its B2B offerings, the company can provide a compelling service to customers that have much more at risk, should there be any unwelcome surprises with their fleets. Moreover, its service for employees might be another avenue to consumers who might otherwise be hesitant to switch from a mechanic with whom they have an existing relationship. Despite this obstacle, we see a road for the company to keep scaling and hope to see it steer through that journey.
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