Ahrefs - Ahrefs' Weekly Digest #107

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In this week’s edition:

  • Rebecca reveals our Twitter marketing strategy.

  • Mateusz shares 10 local online marketing ideas.

  • I share Ahrefs’ content marketing strategy.

  • Joshua shares our process for hiring freelance writers.

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Ahrefs’ Twitter Marketing Strategy: Here’s How We Do It

Rebecca Liew

As our social media manager, Rebecca manages all our social accounts. This is how she does it for Twitter:

  • Content planning: She plans the content schedule at the start of every week by looking at our upcoming publishing schedules. She also looks at Twitter brand mentions, top-performing tweets, past Ahrefs content, trending SEO tweets and threads, and other newsletters.

  • Analyzing performance: We don’t measure our goals or track performance. But we do try to identify successful posts—tweets that get >100 likes or more RTs/comments/quote tweets than the average post.

  • Promoting tweets: Again, we don’t track ad performance closely. Amplification is only part of the process. But like vanity metrics, we don’t rely purely on ads for growth. Rebecca studies our ad performance every three weeks and then revisits promoted tweets that achieved an engagement rate of 20% or higher.

10 Local Online Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Mateusz Makosiewicz

If you’re a local business, at the minimum, you should be optimizing your Google Business Profile, earning and managing customer reviews, and building local citations

What else can you do beyond that? Mateusz’s guide will show you seven other ideas you can try.

Content Marketing for SaaS: The Ahrefs Guide

Si Quan Ong

The way we do content marketing at Ahrefs is known as product-led content. It is about creating content that helps the reader solve their problems with your product—this is done by naturally and strategically weaving the product and its use cases into the narrative.

Read the article to learn how to do it, step by step.

How to Hire Freelance Writers in 5 Steps (Ahrefs’ Process)

Joshua Hardwick

How do you get time to go through so many applications? And how do you choose the best ones? 

Answer: You need a system. With a system, you can even set up zaps with Zapier and automate many steps. Learn how we do it in this post.

📚 What we’re reading

How to Map SEO Outcomes

Article by Adam Gent

Traditional SEO metrics are a sign of traffic growth but not always a sign of business growth. So it can be difficult for an SEO to identify the right outcomes that drive business results.

To “solve” this, you have to create an SEO outcome map. It can help SEO, development, and other product teams get on the same page around the SEO/business outcomes to measure the success of an SEO campaign.

Use the template provided by Adam here and then follow the guide to fill it in. 

An Introduction to Integrator SEO Strategies

Article by Kevin Indig

Aggregators capture demand with a superior user experience so well that they commoditize supply. Their SEO strategy is product-led SEO. 

On the other hand, integrators create content that’s so good that they can own more steps of the value chain and build a direct relationship with their customers. As such, their strategy is marketing-led SEO.

How to Measure “Hard-to-Measure” Marketing Channels

Article by Rand Fishkin

As marketers and company leadership got addicted to trackability on the web, they invested less in “hard-to-measure” marketing channels like PR, native social, content, and word of mouth. 

But trends like zero-click content and more are combining to spell doom for the world of tracking. We’ve returned to the 20th-century marketing measurement systems—more creativity and intuition. 

For these “hard-to-measure” marketing channels, you can adopt a framework that approximates the overall lift in your marketing funnel:

Marketing Analytics: Attribution Is Not Incrementality

Article by Avinash Kaushik

This is a follow-up from Rand’s article above. Attribution and Incrementality are not the same thing:

  • Incrementality identifies the Conversions that would not have occurred without various marketing tactics.

  • Attribution is simply the science of distributing credit for Conversions.

It is almost always true that a very, very large percentage of the Conversions driven by your Paid Media efforts are not incremental.

How Parabol Reached 150K Monthly Visits With Content Journalism

Article by Tim Metz

A content journalist blends in-depth research, interviews, and storytelling with SEO optimization and well-defined marketing goals. This approach results in high-quality articles that are authoritative and deliver business results.

Here are four tips on how to practice content journalism:

  1. Conduct research continuously

  2. Interview experts

  3. Master both SEO and storytelling

  4. Stand out with opinions, standards, and simplicity


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