Ahrefs - Ahrefs' Weekly Digest #102

Hey there,

In this week’s edition:

  • Sam shares blog post templates you can swipe.
  • Mateusz shows you how to find a website’s keywords.
  • I show you how to write blog posts that people want to read.
  • Sam shares 11 ways to improve your e-commerce category pages for SEO.

✍️ New on our blog

How to Find a Website’s Keywords (Organic & Paid)

Mateusz Makosiewicz

Contrary to some advice on the web, you won’t find a website’s keywords by viewing its HTML code or using the “find” function. You will need an SEO tool for that.

How to Write a Blog Post (That People Actually Want to Read) in 9 Steps

Si Quan Ong

Here’s how:

  1. Find a proven topic
  2. Decide on the angle of your post
  3. Create an outline
  4. Write your first draft
  5. Polish and edit your post
  6. Create an amazing headline
  7. Sprinkle on your on-page SEO
  8. Publish your post
  9. Promote your post

11 Ways to Improve E-commerce Category Pages for SEO

Sam Underwood

Here’s how:

  1. Add helpful content
  2. Organize categories logically
  3. Internally link categories
  4. Pagination and linking to products
  5. Create long-tail categories
  6. Pick a faceted navigation strategy
  7. Add reviews
  8. Useful guides and tools
  9. Pick an optimal URL structure
  10. H1s and title tags
  11. Structured data

📹 New on YouTube

Use These Blog Post Templates to Write Better SEO Content

Sam Oh

Swipe our blog post templates to write better SEO content for your website and to rank higher on Google.

📚 What we’re reading

Book on Google for Google Flights to Be Discontinued Outside US

Article by Barry Schwartz

Google has quietly announced that on September 30, Book on Google for flights will be discontinued in most countries or regions outside the U.S.

Google: Helpful Content Update Isn’t Done

Article by Danny Goodwin

SEOs were expecting a massive impact, but it hasn't materialized. Google's Danny Sullivan says the update will continue to be refined.

How to Do a Competitive Analysis for Local SEO

Tweet by Harmony Huskinson

Here's how to identify your top local competitors on search engines and determine what it will take to outrank them.

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