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ISSUE #329

20th of November 2022

Hello Kotliners! We now have a Mastodon account, you can follow us there: kotlin.social/@KotlinWeekly. We will be posting from now on both Twitter and Mastodon. We are also running a Mastodon instance, in case you want to register. See the details below. Enjoy your upcoming week!


How Kotlin Is Going To Fix Your Pains in 2023
The data from the first Kotlin Developer Survey is ready. JetBrains is sharing it with us now. Check out how satisfied are Kotlin users and their potential painpoints.

New Mastodon server: kotlin.social
We have created a new Kotlin Mastodon instance. kotlin.social. Feel free to join using the link above!


Kotlin Coroutines use cases for Data/Adapters Layer
How can we use Kotlin Coroutines in the Data/Adapters Layer? How do we use callback or blocking functions? This excerpt from the book Kotlin Coroutines answers those questions.

How to improve the quality of tests using mutation testing
In this article, Matthias Schenk introduces mutation testing, and shows how this can help improve the quality of tests in a Kotlin project.

Reactive REST API with Micronaut and MongoDB
Piotr from Codersee showcases how to implement a Reactive REST API with Micronaut and MongoDB (+ Project Reactor).

Use More Named Arguments in Kotlin
Jacques Smuts makes a case to use named arguments more often in Kotlin.


Compose Snippets
Vinay Gaba has created Compose Snippets, bite-sized code snippets for common Jetpack Compose problems.

Building StateFlows in Android with Jetpack Compose
In this video from the Droidcon New York, Mohit Sarveiya shows how to build StateFlows using Compose.


Using First-class Functions to Fake Effects
This new video of Duncan McGregor explores where a Test Driven Development implementation of the Gilded Rose stock control system takes us in Kotlin, migrates a map to hold lambdas rather than return values, allowing us to test our stateful retry logic in an elegant way.

Easy SharedPreferences with Delegated Properties in Kotlin
In this video, Dave Leeds shows how Kotlin's delegated properties work, by turning Android's SharedPreferences into a delegate.


Fixtures is a library that helps us to instantiate data classes for our tests easily.

Info Kotlin Process Plugin
Inaki Villar presents us with his new Plugin: a Plugin to Include information about Kotlin processes in the Build Scans or in the build output.


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If you want to submit an article for the next issue, please do also drop us an email.

Thanks to JetBrains for their support!

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