💭 Black Friday and Personalization | XS’ Issue #42

💭 Black Friday and Personalization | XS’ Issue #42
By Esat from Experience Stack • Issue #42 • View online

Source: Marketoonist
Source: Marketoonist
Nowadays, we all are familiar with the situations like this - bombarded with deals from all sides.
The question is, how much do all these deals resonate with you?
The importance of personalization for Black Friday deals cannot be overstated.
When you create personalized offers and advertisements for your customers, you can ensure that they feel appreciated and valued, which encourages them to purchase from you.
Personalization is particularly important during the holiday shopping season, as many consumers are looking for great deals on gifts for their loved ones. By tailoring your marketing messages to individual customers based on their purchase history or other factors, you can capture their attention and encourage them to shop with you instead of your competitors.
There are many different ways that you can personalize your Black Friday ads and offers. For example, you can use customer segmentation techniques to target specific groups of customers or utilize dynamic pricing to generate tailored deals for each individual customer. Additionally, implementing personalized marketing automation tools and creating targeted email campaigns will help ensure that your customers feel appreciated and receive the most relevant offers possible.
Ultimately, by making an effort to personalize your Black Friday marketing efforts, you can not only boost sales during this crucial shopping season but also build stronger relationships with your customers that will last long after the holidays are over.
Check this case study about how Pets Deli, one of the market leaders in the European D2C (direct-to-consumer) pet food market, used personalized content to increase its conversion rates by 51%:
Rounding Up the Stack
Each and every week, hundreds of blog posts, guides, and playbooks are written, tens of podcast episodes are recorded, and tens of videos and webinars are produced in the digital experience space.
These are the most exciting content from last week that caught our attention, and we enjoyed reading, listening, and watching:
Blog Posts
  • 3 Ways to Make MarTech Simple Again
Is it a bridge too far to find a way to a simpler, more useful MarTech stack and ease the misery of (Mar)Tech debt:
  • Analysis: Cloud Growth Drives Automated Data Movement
IDC research shows that automated data movement enables organizations to improve insights and derive more value from cloud data warehouses and lakes:
  • Have MarTech and Marketing Become Synonymous?
Today’s marketing technology is incredibly powerful and is only getting more powerful. Should it power your marketing:
  • Digital Transformation Is No Longer Enough
Traditional digital transformation enables organizations to catch up and keep up with competitors and market demands. But it’s no longer enough:
  • Why Integrations Are the Cornerstone of the Composable DXP Landscape
Learn from a panel of senior reps from Brightspot and technology integrator WayPath about integration challenges digital customers face today and how a composable DXP approach requires the ability to integrate seamlessly across systems and applications:
Podcast Episodes
This episode features an interview with Carolyn Pollock, Chief Marketing Officer of Tailored Brands, owner of companies like Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank. In this episode, Kailey and Carolyn discuss the hybridization of retail, leveraging technology to gather data, and showing up for customers in the right channels:
Good Data, Better Marketing
Good Data, Better Marketing
Videos and Webinars
  • Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023
Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023
Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023
Guides, Case Studies, and Reports
  • The State of Open Source Software
An exploration of open source software, including its impact on the world and companies, plus key trends shaping software development:
Upcoming Events and Webinars
  • Create and Deploy a Documentation Website
Docusaurus 2.0 adds support for MDX, file system routing, plugins, and more! Maintainer Sébastien Lorber will give us a tour.
Thursday, Dcember 15th @ 6.30 pm GMT+1
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