Wolf Craft - Your PR questions answered - edition #8

Welcome to the eighth edition of PR Questions with Nora.

This new monthly newsletter feature was inspired by you! If you've attended one of our recent PR workshops, you likely noticed there were A LOT of great questions during the Q&A's. We've collated all the questions and once a month we'll send you two in-depth answers to your most common PR questions. 

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Q: I make and sell children’s costumes and there are some great mommy bloggers out there that have missions compatible with my own. How should I approach pitching them?

A: I love this question. I think this is the same kind of empathetic approach that I would use with pitching editors at publications.

Collaborations with bloggers can be amazing, but first you need to be clear about your capacity. Here’s a few of the types of questions I would be asking myself:

Is the collaboration going to be a limited edition costume that the blogger designs? Is that something that you can do? How many of those do you want to make? 

Or is the collaboration something like you send a sample and their children get to wear it, do photo shoots, and then you get the pictures in exchange? 

Think about what you're able to do and think about what you want from the collaboration.

Approach really respectfully and let them know what you like about their content and why you think that there is overlap. 

As always keep it brief and of course link to everything that will help them understand what you do. That should be a good foot in the door.

You should also start actively engaging with their content, start liking and commenting on their posts and they'll be more likely to recognize your name when you email them.

Q: How do I decide what publications I should approach?

A: Research!!!! Meaning actually reading the publications so you know where you’re a good fit and where you’re not. 

So many of our clients want to be in Architectural Digest or want to be in the New York Times. But the New York Times almost never writes about interior design anymore. They used to have a weekly section and they cut it like six years ago, so our clients clearly aren't reading the publication they want to be featured in, they just know they like the idea of the New York Times.

If you're unsure of what publications may be a good fit for your work, look at your industry peers that are getting press. You may even find publications that you didn't know about.

It can be easy to get jealous when you start combing through peer press. But for me I'm like- "awesome, now I have a roadmap. Now I know exactly which publications, to look at".  You can get jealous, but I would instead get strategic and start leveraging what other people are doing and understand how to employ that for your business.
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