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December 8, 2022
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My fears and insecurities will follow me until I turn to face them.”

So often we are scared of the unknown, but authentic freedom lies in braving the ambiguous. In her talk for CreativeMornings/Berlin, award-winning Australian designer Victoria Ng gives a vulnerable talk about how she confronted her fears. Growing up, she was mocked for her grasp of English and felt shaky with writing, swearing it off forever — only to enroll in a master’s program that required extensive research and writing. By facing her fears, Ng discovered that past experiences do not predetermine future outcomes. How can we learn to embrace uncertainty as a fertile place for becoming? Watch Victoria Ng’s courageous talk and find out.  
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Doing so takes a combination of an excellent customer experience, quality products or services, and a little extra effort. Check out a few tried and true methods from Harvest to kick off 2023 with a booming repeat customer base. 

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📸 FEATURED FIELDTRIP: Next Wednesday, learn about Andrew Scrivani’s professional photography workflow

The graphic design behind Spotify Wrapped, the world’s most widely shared campaign.

A stop motion video on how hard it is to switch off from work.**

The secret to turning your project budget planning from good to great.**

How to set healthy boundaries with family over the holidays. 

This artist makes cakes that explain climate change.*

A free booklet to close and reflect on 2022

Home is where your best friend is. 

Gifts that spark creativity for kids, teens, and even adults. 

How Bombas gets socks to those in need

Tiny furniture isn’t just for dollhouses.

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Our January theme is "Sanctuary," chosen by CreativeMornings/Sheffield. Where, or in what or whom, do you find sanctuary? What does it feel like when you seek refuge there? Whether it’s a story, image, observation, song, poem, or other artifact, you can share your submissions in this form. We’ll feature a round-up in our Sanctuary issue at the beginning of 2023!

CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.

Big Motive in Belfast is a design and innovation studio. Human-centered design underpins every challenge they take on. Check out their digital service for families seeking childcare support.
Madcap Factory in Brooklyn is an amusingly eccentric production house. They build event formats and experiences to help brands engage their communities. Discover their tiny s’mores kit!
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
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Who Gives A Crap in London is on the search for a Marketing Manager, UK to boost growth and drive customer retention. 

Mailchimp is seeking a Lifecycle Marketing Manager – Early Life in Atlanta to develop deep knowledge of newly activated customers in their first 90 days with Mailchimp and provide the right messages for any combination of customer moments.

Asana is looking for a Product Designer, Workflow Engagement in San Francisco to lead design focused on empowering customers to effortlessly build, customize, and iterate on their end-to-end workflows. 

CIC is hiring a Community Associate in Tokyo who is passionate about helping people. 

Wistia in Cambridge is seeking a Video Writer/Producer in Cambridge, Massachussetts, to tell the story of their products, inspire their customers, and build the brand. 

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