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January 12, 2022
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You're never going to love the work if you hate yourself.”

As a child, illustrator Andy J. Pizza’s eccentricities always drew comparisons to his mother. But when he found out about her tragedies later in life, he despaired that this was the path forward for a “creative, slimy weirdo” like himself. On his journey through Nickelodeon, 2000’s indie rock bands, binge watching CreativeMornings talks, and an ADHD diagnosis, he discovered that maybe the dispiriting parts of ourselves are parts that we can embrace, rather than disown. Watch Andy J. Pizza’s emotional talk for CreativeMornings/Columbus and remember, “you are a good thing.” 
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We love Mailchimp & Co's annual Benchmark Report. It’s chock full of insights into how your peers bring in new business, price their services, and navigate uncertainty. But these findings can’t happen without you! If you work for an agency or freelance, tell us how this past year has been for you. Fill out the survey here by February 16. 

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🎒FEATURED FIELDTRIP: Is 2023 the year you learn graphic design? Dip your toes into Effective Design Made Easy with Adobe Express.*

Find shelter in DJ Jim Q’s Sanctuary playlist.

A ritual to record the highlights of every day (and a template, in case you want to do yours in Notion). 

Photographer Ashley Johnson’s beautiful home has been a journey of worthiness.

How to find the time of day when you are most focused and energized.*

This artist trained AI on her childhood diaries so she could speak with her younger self.

The natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest, in collage form. 

Quiz: what’s the best way to shrink your carbon footprint?

The intimate work of planting native trees and rewilding India

Ten little-known websites that give you superpowers. 

Navigating the discomfort of reentering work after a restful break.

How to beat the Sunday Scaries

A zine of “dogs I met in the elevator.”

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A digital painting of two hands reaching for each other with the word TOUCH superimposed

Our February theme is "Touch," chosen by CreativeMornings/Lisbon. What role does touch play in your life? How do you create touch, either as a sensory experience or an emotional effect? Whether it’s a story, image, observation, song, poem, or other artifact, you can share your submissions in this form. We’ll feature a round-up in our Touch issue at the end of the month!

CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.

Invitation to Watts Campus groundbreaking with hardhat and roses
Matt with the Hat is a consulting, design, and event firm with an eye for creating artistic activations and cultivating joy and ease in the workplace! Check out their work for the groundbreaking ceremony of The Children's Institute of Southern California’s Watts Campus!
Woven baskets with surface textures resembling a leaky bucket
Closed Mondays in Brooklyn is a textile brand currently making baskets and bags out of rope and thread. View their sculptural leaky bucket.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring? Looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.

The Up Studio in Long Island City is hiring an Interior Designer to ensure that design intent & client needs are met throughout the life of the project. 

Art Processors in Australia is looking for a remote Senior Digital Visual Designer to work as part of their global Design team. 

Asana is on the search for an Operations program manager, brand and design in San Francisco who will evolve the Asana Design organization’s community, collaboration, and infrastructure.

Understood in New York is seeking a Group Product Manager to own the evolution of their web experience and related services.

Tech Matters is seeking a remote Senior Product Manager, Terraso to empower communities around the world to adopt sustainable practices addressing the climate change crisis.

Artemis Ward is hiring a Senior Creative Strategist in Denver to lead key projects and accounts. 

Animation of a finger tapping a terracotta pot until it shatters, then reassembles
I made this newsletter by piecing together the parts of myself that I regarded as shattered. It turns out, I was whole the whole time. 

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Annie Yi, CreativeMornings HQ

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