AI- your new bestie or your robot overlord?

The robots are coming and the singularity is upon us! 

Okay, maybe it's not quite that drastic, but my favorite topic during holiday dinners was turning everyone I know on to the most revolutionary tool I've seen in years, Chat GPT. That's not hyperbole. If you haven't started playing around with it, you gotta. 

At Wolf PR we've already used it to help write pitches and three new case studies

Outside of the work we do, I've used it to design a workout plan for me with progressive overload built-in and mapped out over three months. I've also used it to design a weekly menu, shopping list included! I'm starting to feel like I'm on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and I can just talk to my machine to make it do what I want it to. #captinpicarddreams

In fact, we think it's so important, we dedicated ALL of our good links in this newsletter to AI and how to use it create content. 

And we challenge you to see if you can figure out what was written "the old fashioned way" and where our new best friend helped us in this week's newsletter.


PS- We write this newsletter *for you.* Please reply and let us know what you'd like to learn more about. After three years we're finally together for a full six weeks and we're re-vamping... everything. Including this newsletter. We want it all to be better and serve you all more. So let us know!

Show, Don't Tell

3 Lesser Known Tools I Use to Stay Focused, Productive, & Organized
You may have noticed we shouted out Boomerang in our end-of-year newsletter, but honestly, we would not be nearly as productive without it. And don't worry, we're not going to waste your time with suggestions like Google Docs. 

Time management is a forever issue, and I’ve found a few tools that just work really well for me. Hopefully, they can work for you too!

Good Links Round Up

1. We LOVE Chat GPT but it has its downsides. This video shows how ChatGPT (currently) writes super generic copy that completely fails our copy-and-paste test. TL;DR, Chat GPT is a powerful tool, but we still need that human touch.

2. If you want to see allllll the ways you can use ChatGPT, watch this for different use cases including copywriting, blog post ideas, inspiration, market research, and more.

3. This video goes a bit more in-depth with steps for writing an article.

4. This free mini course gives a perfect breakdown of how to easily use chat GPT for copywriting and generating creative ideas in our favorite format- a case study. BTW- we found this in Josh’s For The Interested Newsletter.

5. AI meets Mailchimp! In this video from Emily Ryan of Westfield Creative, she shares 5 useful Mailchimp updates, #1 starting at 3:10 is all about Mailchimp’s integrated AI which will create headings and subheadings in your newsletters and sales emails. INCREDIBLE.

Wolf Craft PR Tip

What you think is important might not be a story, but what you’re overlooking might be

Did you ever hear the adage “Your first idea may not be your best idea?” The same can sometimes be true for PR. There are several good techniques to check your story angles before you start crafting a pitch around them.

1. *Take stock of what the media or editor is actually covering.* You may think your design influence is THE story. However, after reading several features you might learn that this publication would be more interested in understanding how including handwritten cards with a CTA for tagging on Instagram increased sales 35%, for example. Send the appropriate pitches to the right editors.

2. *Brainstorm with trusted friends and colleagues.* Sometimes all it takes is someone else looking at your work with a fresh perspective to see it from a new angle. If you want to take it to the next level, form a support group with 3-5 like colleagues and do a one hour call every other week to talk through story angles for whatever you’re working on.

3. *Vet your stories.* If you have friends who work in media or trusted colleagues, ask them for feedback on your ideas. You might learn that there is less interest in what you think is a good idea and that it is time to rethink your plan. This might feel defeating, but from **another angle** you’ll see that you’re starting to develop an intuition for effective v ineffective pitches. The more you solicit feedback, the better your intuition will become.! 

Tweak and Edit Wins

We do so many things but Tweak and Edit PR Reviews are our favorite service! Critical, constructive feedback is important to growing your business. So are actionable next steps. And we love seeing the businesses we work with get what they were looking for and are always so thankful for their emails letting us know just that. 

Click here if you're interested in getting a Tweak & Edit PR Review for your biz. 


And if you're craving giving and receiving some industry feedback of your own and you want to join a speed crit hosted by Nora in partnership with the Female Design Council, you can sign up here. More details below:
Speed-crit with FDC Member Nora Wolf
of Wolf Craft, Wolf PR

• TUESDAY, JAN 24 • 3-4 PM EST
 $15 for FDC members, $25 for non-members


Do you miss the days in school when you could solicit feedback from your peers and professors? This FDC workshop is a speedy, professional development critique open to both FDC members and the full design community who desire direct input on their work. If you don't have something to present during this session, you can also listen in, contribute feedback and gain insight into key design solutions. 

Ideas of what to share include:
-design projects
-bio copy
-press pitches
-website structure
-general advice for a professional problem
-& more

Each person will receive five dedicated minutes of attention and direction from the group (a community of experienced professional designers) who have likely encountered the same or similar professional conundrums. Nora Wolf, head of both Wolf PR & Wolf Craft will moderate, keep time, give her ever-sought-after professional guidance and ensure all feedback remains constructive and supportive.

Our last session was hugely informative and helpful for all that attended. We expect this session to be even better!

You can sign up here!
The Big Chat GPT Reveal!
Soooo if you've scrolled all the way to the end of the newsletter to learn what we used Chat GPT for in this newsletter, the truth is.....

None of it. 

I tried to write the Good Links copy with it but it wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. AI is truly revolutionary, but it still has some learning to do before it can write our newsletter for us. We anticipate using it for a lot of things in the future though, and you should too!

Work With Us!

If you want to get really good at telling your business' story, we can help!

-Tweak and Edit- when you need a critically constructive second set of eyes to look at what you're doing and tell you exactly what to fix, including best-in-show examples to help you get there. We're so happy to say that people LOVE this service and find it super valuable. 

-1-1 sessions- when you want to learn how to tighten up your business and pitch it to the media yourself, and you want guidance informed by 15+ years of experience and someone to hold you accountable. 

-List building- when you want a fully customized media list built specifically for your biz with editor contacts, pitch notes, and article examples- AND you want personalized pitch templates and 1-1 calls with Nora to walk you through it all. 

-How to Pitch For Holiday Gift Guides- for when you want to knock it out of the park with holiday gift guide pitching, but also learn how to pitch smaller holidays all year long.

Thanks for giving us some time in your inbox! If you have any questions send us a note, we'll always reply. 

Nora & Kirsten

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