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March 9, 2023
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Hilary Alison in front of one of her cartoons and the text "Drawing + Text* = Humor"

Discovering a surprise connection between these two things that shouldn't be related lights up our brains — and that is humor.”

What makes a cartoon funny? Cartoonist and illustrator Hilary Allison breaks down the comic components that make us giggle. You might think that dissecting visual jokes would be bone dry as an autopsy, but Allison’s cartoons keeps the CreativeMornings/Berlin audience in stitches. She also explores what is lost — and gained — in translation as she ferries her cartoons from English to German. Watch Hilary Allison’s funny demonstrations and try to keep from laughing when you recognize yourself in her drawings. 
(Photo by Norman Posselt.) 

Give a warm welcome to our newest partner, Indeed Design!

Indeed Design is a resource for designers, researchers, and all UX professionals who do design work that matters. If you want to work in UX or take the next step in your UX career, Indeed Design can help. Visit their site for tested tips and tools straight from our UX practitioners for people at all levels in their design career. Across the next month, you'll get to know the stories of real UX professionals and the ways they navigate their careers and take care of themselves.

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🤳 FEATURED FIELDTRIP: Ground your breath and write a poem.

Become a tea farmer for a day and explore the breathtaking beauty of Nepal through immersive tea tours.*

How to escape toxic productivity culture (hint: creativity is healing).**

Easy (yet powerful) ways to retain your team, from Harvest.*

Priya Parker and Katherine May on gathering well.

The host of the Modern Love podcast finds stories through compassionate and vulnerable conversation

A dying writer asks, “When I see you in heaven, there’s only one thing I’m going to ask: Does my son know you?” 

The mesmerizing owl escape from Central Park Zoo shows how we’ve been charmed by owls

Recordings of women making music (and more!) around the world in honor of International Women’s Day. 

Stunning photos of some of the world’s most beautiful places

Physics teacher accepts challenge from her soccer player son. 

Record voice notes straight from your Gmail inbox.**

Savoring a happy memory can help you fall asleep. 

* This content is curated by us, brought to you by our sponsors.
**Thanks to Katina Bajaj and Taylor Harrington for the link inspiration.

Text "movement" wrapped around two dancing figures filled with vibrant patterns

Our next theme is Movement

Our upcoming theme for April is "Movement," chosen by CreativeMornings/Wellington. What does it feel like when your body is in motion? What greater movements do you choose to be a part of? Whether it’s a story, image, observation, song, poem, or other artifact, you can share your submissions in this form. We’ll feature a round-up in our Movement issue at the end of the month!

CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.

Animation of Tabagotchi pet in a Chrome browser
MSCHF in Brooklyn creates obsessively-shareable digital experiences and products that connect brands to mainstream culture. Their "Tabagotchi" pet Chrome extension grows happier the more tabs you close.
Webpage for Edmonton Made marketplace
Lift Interactive in Edmonton is a perfect blend of strategic thinkers, passionate creatives, and technology wizards. There's nothing they love more than taking your idea and making it into something real. Check out their brand system for local maker marketplace Edmonton Made.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring? Looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.

Mailchimp is hiring a Group Design Manager in Atlanta or Brooklyn to lead product development efforts for Mailchimp’s digital products by helming product design teams. 

Ashley Rust Associates seeks a remote Social Media Strategist to develop mini-campaigns to amplify a number of high-profile clients on their personal social media platforms. 

CIC is looking for a Product Marketing Manager in Cambridge to own the development of how they talk about their products and services and bring that messaging to life across a variety of channels. 

Understood in New York is hiring a Director, Brand Communications that is an agile, collaborative leader who has a firm grasp of all elements of brand marketing and communications and strives to set the standard through execution. 

SYPartners is on the hunt for a Strategist in NYC to play a critical team role in helping diagnose their clients’ challenges with a unique and insightful point of view (remote-friendly). 

A person holds up a picture of their cat with the text "Look at my cat. LOOK AT IT."
I made this newsletter while churning out lots of funny drawings of my pets. I’m not a comic artist, they’re just really silly looking. 

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Annie Yi, CreativeMornings HQ

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