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Responsible AI for Amazon Web Services.
September 27, 2023

Tech Brew

It’s Wednesday. With the government possibly shutting down later this week, the forecast is very cloudy with a chance of oversight.

In today’s edition:

Patrick Kulp, Adam DeRose, Annie Saunders


Finding giants in the cloud

Diya Wynn Diya Wynn

As the person in charge of making sure AI is created and used responsibly on one of the biggest cloud providers, Diya Wynn has, well, a lot of responsibility.

Wynn, who leads the responsible AI practice at Amazon Web Services, works with the cloud giant’s many clients to make sure they have the tools and know-how to build fair and unbiased systems as they put the tech into practice.

We caught up with her about making AI more ethical on the front lines of implementation, the current push for government regulation, and how companies can make the tech more trustworthy.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

How has the field of responsible AI and people’s understanding of what it constitutes evolved over the past couple years?

What we’re seeing as a result of the interest and excitement around ChatGPT, and now the rapid movement toward generative AI, is that responsible AI is certainly present of mind. It’s helping to increase the interest and people’s awareness of the importance of paying attention to how we’re building inclusively and responsibly.

Now, certainly there were things happening prior to generative that should have been raising that alarm bell before, but I think that it’s been increased, especially as we consider some of the questions around copyright, intellectual property—those are areas that also encompass considerations that have to be made from a responsible AI perspective.

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AI! I’m workin’ here

Robot doing job Francis Scialabba

According to a new Gallup poll, 22% of people surveyed worry technology will make their job obsolete, up from 15% in 2021.

“There’s a lot of fear around…AI, and how it’s going to steal jobs,” Cloudstaff CTO Tevis Paget told HR Brew. “This fear does seem to occur each time there’s a new significant technology that comes out, and we believe it’s constructive and positive.”

The bump is largely due to woes from college-educated workers: 20% of those survey respondents are worried, up 12% from 2021’s survey. Worry among workers without a college degree has held relatively steady: 24% in 2023 compared to 22% in 2021.

Keep reading here.—AD



Assistant (to the) regional manager

A representation of an AI head speaking in floating letters Ole_cnx/Getty Images

The new wave of AI that has been captivating Silicon Valley is finally finding its voice.

Recent announcements from OpenAI and Amazon promise to bring speakable, conversational capabilities to generative AI for the first time on a mass scale. Meanwhile, Microsoft is focused on turning its AI into a more all-purpose digital assistant woven through all of its products.

The moves all add up to a wider push to make AI more versatile in its ability to interact with inputs beyond simple text, like voice and imagery. Here’s a quick rundown of the flurry of news out of the AI world this week:

  • OpenAI announced a significant update to ChatGPT with new voice and image capabilities on Monday. The new-and-improved chatbot lets users do things like snap a photo of a pantry and have a voice conversation with the AI about what to cook for dinner, OpenAI claims.
  • Last week, Amazon said it plans to outfit its Alexa digital assistant with a large language model (LLM) customized for voice interactions. The e-commerce giant also announced an up to $4 billion investment and a minority stake in OpenAI rival Anthropic in a signal that it’s getting more serious about the AI race.
  • Microsoft is rolling out a new all-encompassing Copilot feature with generative AI capabilities in an effort to create an “everyday AI companion.”

A new era of AI: Gartner analyst Arun Chandrasekaran said it’s been clear for a while that multimodal AI chatbots that can flit between visual, audio, and text data with ease would be the next stage for the generative AI arms race. Google is also expected to accelerate this transformation with its forthcoming Gemini model, a multimodal AI offering expected by the end of the year.

“We do believe that for us to get to this next level of intelligence, the models have to incorporate multiple modalities very similar to the way human beings learn the world, and we’re starting to see that,” Chandrasekaran told Tech Brew. “We do believe multimodality will be much more of a common occurrence in the future.”—PK




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Quote: “There’s a really bad sense of FOMO among big tech companies that want to do AI, and they don’t want to miss out on generating an early audience…All of them know these systems are not perfect.”—Steve Teixeira, chief product officer of Mozilla and a former Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter exec, to the Washington Post about Big Tech’s push to roll out iffy generative AI tools to consumers

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Written by Patrick Kulp and Adam DeRose

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