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 We’re seeing quite a bit of this lately...

If you are looking for work and see a job posting on LinkedIn, don't just comment or message the recruiter with “interested."

This gets you nowhere in the process nor positive attention.

Here's what to do instead:

1. Tailor your resume + cover letter, apply to the role.

Bonus, get creative with your application. Record a short personal video to send, create a small unprompted project or outline around something you'd do in the role, etc.

2. Like the social job post and even comment that you applied if you'd like.

That’s certainly okay to bring some awareness to yourself, but it can’t be the only thing you do.

3. Message the recruiter, but add some context to your message.

Saying "Interested in this role" or "I just applied, let me know if you got it" or some variation will not get you positive reactions, a response, or the interview.

Finding roles and standing out can feel like a full-time job because IT IS and especially in tough markets.

But you got to put in more than minimal effort. And generic comments and messages on LinkedIn won’t help you land your next great job.

And remember, we have resources, content, a vetted job board, and a talent network to help you land that flexible role you've been searching for 🫡

Happy Hunting!


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Articles to Read 📚

Carefully curated remote work content and career tips that we think are worth a read. You'll find our own recent content, plus interesting articles from around the web. 

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Remote Jobs to Check Out 🆕

In the market for a career change? We got you fam! Check out these select remote gigs from our job board that caught our eye. 

🔥 Executive Assistant (Zapier)
🔥 Marketing Operations Manager (
🔥 Customer Experience Manager (15Five)
🔥 Content Manager (Remofirst)
📍 Accounts Receivable and Operations Rep (Loxo)
📍 Head of Marketing (SWORD Health)
📍 Customer Support Specialist (DataCamp)
📍 Recruiter (Mattermost)
📍 Partner Manager (Remofirst)
📍 Account Executive (Chainlink Labs)
📍 Conversion Copywriter (WPMU DEV)
📍 Technical Support Specialist (6Sense)

Looking for more awesome remote jobs or want to post remote jobs for your company? Head over to the Remote Junkie Job Board to get started.  Our job board is growing! 😎

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